As you know that the cleanliness is very important for dogs. Actually not dogs only, cleanliness is important for everyone. And bathing is one very important part of the cleanliness routine. We all know why bathing is important to we all humans. But why is it important for dogs?

A scheduled bathing routine is very important for the dogs because it helps them to stay clean and odor-free. It gives you a proper time to monitor their body if they have allergies or skin issues. The bathing time builds a very strong relationship between you and your dog. But do not bathe your dog very frequently, keep the schedule to once every week or every 2 weeks.

But is it just this that you think I will explain? No, If you are a regular user of mine then you know that I never stop here. I explain every little point in detail. I love to explain things😅. So, I will do the same in this article too. Below I have explained every point why bathing is important for your dog.

There are also some cool things that you will love to know about. I am keeping them as a surprise. Just read the article thoroughly and you will find what I was talking about.

Reasons why you should bathe your dog:

1. It removes dirt and odor from the body

lab bath 1

Have you ever felt the bad smell of your dog. The smell that feel like a garbage box. If you have a dog then you definitely know this feeling. So, a scheduled bathing can help with this situation. A regular bath when required removes dirt and mud from your dog’s body and gives you a pleasant smell.

Keep In Mind: It is important to prevent water from getting into the eat. This can lead to an ear infection. To protect your dog cotton balls can help.

2. It keeps your dog coat softer

A bathing habit keeps your dog coat softer. You just have to use a good mild dog shampoo with a good conditioner. Now you may think that why you can’t use a normal shampoo. Because those are not made for them. Dog’s skin is more alkaline than human skin with a PH range of 6.2 to 7.4. Whereas human skin PH balance ranges from 5.5 to 5.6.

So, using human shampoo on your dog can disrupt the acid mantle, leaving your dog vulnerable to parasites, bacteria, and viruses. It makes their skin feel dry and flaky, which can make your dog repetitive itching and scratching. This makes it easy for bacteria to invade. You can read more about this why you should not use human shampoo on dogs here. So, I will strongly suggest that you must use good dog shampoo.

If you ask me for a suggestion then I will suggest Wahl oatmeal concentrated shampoo and Earthbath Oatmeal and Aloe Conditioner. This is because I am a big fan of the health benefits of Oatmeal and Alovera. And these two products are actually great. 🙂

Keep In Mind: Protect your dog’s eyes and ears while shampooing. It can be irritating to your dog.

3. It reduces shedding

There is one more thing that all the dog owners struggle from i.e. shedding. I am damn sure that you know the feeling of how it feels when there is dog hair all over the house. So, this bathing habit helps you to control this shedding. When you bathe your dog it eliminates all the loose and dead hair. So, lesser the loose hair on your dog’s body the less he shed.

4. Improves your bond with your dog

lab bath bonding

Bathing can be a very good time to spend with your dog. It gives you and your dog some time where you can have fun together. If your dog doesn’t like to bathe then teach him. Praise him with tasty treats so that he will bathe like a good boy. Bathing time can be a great bonding time for your dog, now it is all up to you how you use this time.

Some dog owners struggle to bathe their dogs. They use a jug or tap to wash their dogs. It feels very difficult because sometimes dogs don’t like the pressure of the water from the tap. So, I have a great thing for you. Do, you remember that I have talked about surprising things. This is one of them. That thing is Woof washer 360.

This is a device that you can use to bathe your dog very easily. There is an attached shampoo bottle that contains the shampoo to wash your dog. The benefit of using this is that it helps you to bathe your dog from every part of his body with ease. Try this out, you will love it.

Keep In Mind: Luke warm water is best for bathing.

5. Reduces the allergies

Bathing is helpful when it comes to reducing allergies. It helps you to remove dirt from the dog skin and wash away some fleas. And I am not saying this on my own. It is being tested in research. Some of the researchers have taken 25 dogs who are not being washed in 3 weeks and then they washed them to gather some information. They observed the dog and found that regular bathing reduces allergies. You can read about this research here.

6. Helps in monitoring your dog health

Bathe time is the perfect time to check if your dog has any health issues. You can check some swallowing on his body. You can check if there is some pain in his body. If he is having some allergies then it will be more visible when your dog is wet. So, use this bathing time as your dog monitoring time. If you find the issue at its start then your doctor can fix it easily with proper treatment. This will help your dog from some pain and will save your pocket from an extra expense.

Keep In Mind: Prefer towel drying than a blow dryer.

7. It can be enjoyable

lab enjoying bathing

If you have trained your dog well for bathing then it can be fun. You and your dog can enjoy it together. But if you have not trained your dog for then I can suggest you an article. This article is not written by me but I am pretty impressed by it. Here you can read almost everything about bathing a dog in short.

8. It protect you and your house too

With the heading, you may be thinking about how bathing your dog can protect your house. Let me tell you how. Bathing reduces shedding means fewer dog hair cloves in your house. It helps to clean your house. And the second and the most important, it protects you from fleas.

The fleas are the parasites on the dog’s body who survive by drinking the dog’s blood. But these parasites do not love dog’s blood only. These can attack you and your children too. When your dog sits on your bed or the couch then these fleas get in there. And when you sit again there they can jump in your body. So, bathing reduces the number of fleas. Thus it also protects you from them.

But the issue is that bathing reduces some number of fleas but does not completely vanish it. This means even after regular bathing you and your dog are still in danger. And so here comes my second surprising device. This device is a ninja flea killer. That means you will feel like a flea killer while you are using this.

This device’s name is Flea Doctor. This device releases a slight electrical charge that stuns and kills the fleas. This device is totally safe for your dog so don’t worry about the safety. Give this device a try. You will get amazed by its flea-killing technology.

9. Gives a shiny appearance to your dog

shining lab

I love shiny dogs and that is why I especially including this in the point list at last. If you are bathing your dog on a regular routine then this can give your dog an awesome shine. But don’t make it too frequent because too frequent bathing can reduce the shining of your dog. Keep the frequency to once per week.

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