We all love dogs. They are so good and adorable that who cannot love them. But there are some things about dogs that are not pleasant. There are some situations where you will feel better if you are away from them. And the stinky smell is one of them. You will face this situation a lot in the summers. So, why do they smell so bad in summer?

Dog smell so bad in summer due to their allergy to the weather condition. It produces skin infections that give a very bad smell. Another very common reason is their wet coat. If your dog is getting wet regularly by themselves or you are making them wet then this makes them smell very stinky.

There are proper reasons for these things. So, further, in this blog, I will give you the reasons why your dog is smelling so bad. And will give you a common solution to fix this odor issue. Just keep reading because this small article can save your nose from some very unpleasant smell.

1. Allergies from the weather

The very first reason is skin allergies. Allergies in the dog’s ear are the common ones. Your dog can have any skin allergies. When the weather gets hot or humid then some dog’s skin produces some irritations. These allergies can occur if the dog has sensitive skin, has a lot of hair on their ear those are prone to infection, or the dog just wet and didn’t dry completely. If the situation starts getting worse then immediately consult your veterinarian.

2. Do not wet your dog coat frequently

wet dog

This one is the most common reason why your dog smell so bad in summer. When they get wet they start smelling stinky. Some paw parents think that if they bathe their dog daily then their dog will be clean and will not smell bad. But this makes the situation even worse. This happens because the dog losses its essential oil from its skin. Sometimes their skin gets a viral or bacterial infection due to a wet coat. And this smells a lot worse.

If you do not bathe your dog daily and still your dog smells bad then check if your dog is sitting in a wet place. For example, If your bathroom door gets open then your dog may sit on the wet floor of the bathroom. So, try to avoid these situations where your dog is getting wet. Here is the scientific reason why dog smells bad when they get wet. To keep your dog’s coat clean brush them regularly.

3. Keep a good routine for bathing

As I said about that avoid the situation where your dog is getting wet. But does that mean that you should not have to bathe your dog? Actually, the answer is yes as well as No. Do not bathe your dog daily but bathe them every one or two weeks. It depends on which breed of dog you have. Ideally once a week is a good frequency to bathe your dog.

While bathing your dog it is best if you use warm water as body temperature. Use the dog shampoo to bathe your dog. You can’t use your hair shampoo to bathe your dog because the dog’s skin is different from the human. Their body skin does not sweat. They sweat through their paws or nose. So, choose a good dog shampoo for your canine.

Now if you can’t bathe your dog daily then how do you keep them clean? A good grooming habit is the best way to keep your dog clean. Brush their fur regularly. This gives their skin cells some space to breathe. And their natural essential oil spread all over their body. So, it is important to keep a good routine for bathing.

4. Grooming

dog grooming

The grooming habit is a big deciding factor in how your dog smells. If you have a good grooming routine then your dog will smell pleasant but if your grooming game is very bad then your dog will start smelling stinky. A bad grooming habit can have many other consequences.

So, keep brushing your dog because it is very important for their health. If you have a long-haired dog then combing is also a good option. Regular brushing of the coat removes loose hair and dead skin cells from the dog’s body. The best suggestion I can give you here is to buy a grooming glove. These are more handy and useful when it comes to your dog grooming.

5. Brush your dog teeth regularly

Your dog mouth is another body part that smells very bad. So, it is very important to manage well oral hygiene. Brush your dog’s teeth regularly. When you don’t brush your dog regularly then the formation of tartar stats in their teeth. This gives their teeth a yellowish color. If your dog’s mouth smells very bad then start brushing your dog regularly. For that, you will require a good oral kit.

6. Your dog diet is a deciding factor

dog not eating

All the above reasons are outer that make your dog smell stinky. But your dog’s diet is also a very important factor that makes your dog smell bad. So, keep your dog’s food nutritious. If you want to know about the dog’s nutritious home foods then this blog can help. In summer it is a good option to give your dog high moisture foods like milk, curd, Ice cube, Watermellon, etc. But if your want to keep every nutrition perfect in your dog’s diet then give the responsibility to the professionals.

This food plate suggestion is the best one that will definitely suit your dog. Their food contains more moisture in their every plate power-packed with the nutritions. Give it a try once. Your dog will love it. If your dog’s nutrition will be fulfilled then this gives your dog resistance from every health issue including this smelling problem.

So, these are all possible reasons why your dog smells stinky in summer and what you can do about them. Hope this article helped you. How was your experience with this blog, let us know in the comment.

Suman Kumar Sahni

I am Suman and I am a crazy dog lover. Actual not dog but I love all the animals. But the cute puppies have some special corner in my heart. I have spent my entire life with dogs since I was 10 years old. So, I think I know what a dog wants from we human. It's Love. And I am trying to spread that love for dogs in this world through this website.

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