Taking a dog home is a very big decision. Because you are getting a new family member in your family. If you are a new pet owner then it will be a little difficult to feel this line. But trust me, with time you will feel that she is actually a family member of your family that you will take him in your family picture. And if you are thinking about a Labrador then congratulation. You have made a very good decision because the Labs are a great family dog.

Before getting a lab in your family the one very important point to think about is the cost of owning it. It is true that owning a dog can be costly. But it is worth it. If you are asking this question then the chances are that you already have researched some about its price. So, in this blog, I will tell you the reason why lab costs are a little high.

Labrador retriever is the most popular dog breed in America. And Labs are one of the most friendly dogs. The labrador puppy cost between $500 to $1500. And this is the price range of almost 80% dog breeds. So, comparing what you are getting on what you are paying for, then Labs are a fair deal.

But still, let me tell you the reasons why lab prices are getting higher. Are you thinking of the real initial price or is it more? Let me talk about it what can be the initial cost of owning a Labrador. There are more you need to know because you have left many things in your calculation.

1. Labs are the most popular dog breed

The very foremost reason why Labradors are such costly is their popularity. Labs are the most popular dog breed in America. According to AKC Labradors are ranking at the top among 195 dog breeds since 1991. Now you can feel the popularity of Labs because it is at the top for such a long time. Here is the 2020 dog breed’s popularity ranking where Labrador is holding its top position as usual. Labs are that wrestler of a wrestling match who has never lost any match and constantly winning every match.

There is a rule of marketing. As the supply increases the price of that product automatically increases. The same is with this dog breed. Labs are popular on such a high level that you cannot expect their price to get down. To check the labrador’s popularity over the internet I have checked the google trends and then compared it with some other very popular dog breeds. And the result was as expected in the favor of labradors.

dogs Popularity Chart

We have done the comparison of Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever, Pembroke Welsh Corgi, and French Bulldog. These are the most popular dog breeds in America. And you can see the result that Labrador is leading among them from start. Now, this clarifies the point that popularity is a factor why Labradors are a little costly.

2. They have some great qualities that increase the demand

As I said above that the Labrador Retrievers are the most popular dogs in the world. But why? Why are they this popular? If someone is popular that definitely means that the guy has some specialty. And this is true for Labradors too. They have many great qualities that make them very demanding among humans. The list of a labrador’s quality is a little longer, which I can’t tell you all about in this blog. So, you can read it here where you will know why Labs are such popular.

3. One of the most friendly dog breeds in the world

Do you know why most people buy dogs? Because they want someone who can entertain them and their family. In short, most people need a friendly family dog. A dog who can get involved in the family very easily. And Labradors fulfill that condition very easily. They are a great family dog. In fact, Labradors keep a position among the top 10 friendly dog breeds in the world. This quality makes them a great companion and the best family dog among the other dogs.

The above are the reasons that maintain the lab’s cost at its position. But have you considered everything that you need to spend at first? Below are the costs that you need to spend initially when you are about to get a new pet.

dogs intial expenses
Source: rover.com

The Initial cost for keeping a Labrador:

When you get a Lab at your home then there is not only the dog fee you spend at the start. There are many other fees that you need to consider before getting the puppy. There are other costs that you need to spend at the start as she enters your home. So, below I have categories those expenses into 4 parts to keep it simple.

1) The dog puppy fee

The very first spending you do is the price you pay for the dog. I think you already know this. But this amount is not fixed. This first amount varies as per your decision. You can get a Labrador puppy in three ways. You can adopt, can buy it from a professional breeder or you can buy a Lab from a family breeder. The cost varies as you go with the different options.

The cheapest option is adoption. But this does not mean free. You need to spend some amount even while you are adopting a dog. They call it keeping a charge. They charge you some amount ($50 to $600) so that it will keep them fueling to run the dog adoption center.

The other option is buying it from a breeder. If you buy a puppy from a professional licensed breeder then they cost you more (up to $3500) but they do all the paperwork that makes your dog licensed as per American law.
Or, you can buy it from a family breeder. They will give a Lab puppy at a little low amount ($400 to $1350) but they will not give you any licensed paper.

So, in case of buying a puppy the cost is all up to you. Your decision will select the starting amount.

2) Spending on the dog’s health

labrador doctor

Another must spending is on the dog’s health. At the start, you need to spend a fair amount of money on the dog’s health. The health part contains spay or neuter cost ($35-$400), vaccination ($75-$100), flea and tick prevention ($40-$200), pet license ($10), and microchip ($45). These are the important health costs that you need to spend on the dog at the start.

3) Gears you buy for the dog

These expenses are also the initial because as you get a dog at your house, you will need these gears to keep her in the house. You need to buy leashes, poop bags, foods, crates, food and water bowl, bed, etc. These all are the required things that you need to buy at the start. If you are not a first-time dog owner then you will need to spend less on these gear items. But still, you will have to buy some.

4) Things to keep your home clean

The last things that you need to buy when you take a dog in your house are the gears to keep your dog and house clean. These are the products like dog shampoo and brushes, puppy training pads, strain, and odor removers, etc. Some buy an automating cleaning robot because Labradors shed frequently and that can turn your house into a graveyard. In that case either you keep cleaning your home manually or the automatic robot will do it for you.

So, these are the whole initial expenses you need to keep in mind while getting a Labrador at your home. The puppy price is not the only expense that needs to be noticed but the others are equally important.

Suman Kumar Sahni

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