Placing the doghouse for your Labrador Retriever is really a big deal for you. Putting the wrong location can make your Labrador uncomfortable and sad. Most dog owners place doghouse in a shady part of the yard.

You can keep few essential points before placing a doghouse for Labrador Retriever:

  1. Do not choose excessive sun or shade location.
  2. Have space for easy to run and play in.
  3. Prepare the location for the rainy season.
  4. Place their favorite toys inside the house.
  5. Change the location of the doghouse according to season.
  6. Consider direction of wind.
  7. Choose a safe location from exotic animals.
  8. Make aesthetically approach.

The above approach is aimed to make your doghouse the most disease-resistant and comfortable environment. There are numerous things to consider when it comes to getting a doghouse for your Labrador Retriever. It would be best if you prepared for each season to make their doghouse safe and comfortable. You also need to examine and verify before figure out or finding the right spot for your Lab’s house. 

1. Do not choose excessive sun or shade location:

have space in doghouse

Whenever you choose the location, keep in mind that select that location that will provide your dog with a mix of heat and shade. Excessive sunlight or shade for a more extended period can make your Labrador uncomfortable. It would be best if you also located the doghouse away from asphalt that absorbs heat or cold. These things are also applicable for that other material that absorbs heat or cold.

But the question arises here, how can you figure out where the sun and shade area in your yard. To figure out where the sun and shade area in your yard, I suggest you take a Sunday afternoon when you’re free and stay home all day, and periodically go outside and see where the sunny and shady spots are. You will surely get the spots that are shaded throughout most of the day. Don’t worry if they get a bit of direct sun in the morning or evening.

2. Have space for easy to run and play in:

Most dog owners usually put doghouses in the front or back yard. There is a reason to putting doghouses here- Your Labrador will have enough space surrounding the doghouse to run and play in. The location must give your Lab flexibility to easily go in and out of the doghouse when it pleases. It would be best to place the doghouse where your Lab uses available space to stretch, move around, and discharge their waste.

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3. Prepare location for the rainy season:

rainy season

You should not only prepare for the summer or winter season but also consider the rainy season when you are going to set up the location of your Lab’s doghouse. The rainy season is different from other seasons. Your Lab will make your home dirty in the rainy season. So you should think before placing their house. You can keep the doghouse away from the soil. It would be better for you so your Lab doesn’t track mud into your house. You need to place the dog house in a location with excellent soil drainage. It is crucial to select the area with a natural soil drainage system. Avoid such a place where the water doesn’t drain out.

How to find the spots to get the best drainage after a rainfall? You can figure out the best spots where you get the best drainage after the rain by walking into your yard. If there are certain areas where water gathers, you should avoid this type of location. You can improve soil drainage by laying down some sand or gravel underneath the doghouse before you place the doghouse.

4. Place their favorite toys inside the house:

Labrador toy doghouse

You can add their familiar bedding or toys inside the doghouse. Like humans, they also love to live with their favorite things like toys or something that belongs to them. They will love it if you put some of their favorite toys inside their sweet home. It will help your Lab to live happily in their house.

5. Change location of doghouse according to the season:

You have to change the doghouse location as per the change of season. If the season is summer, there are higher possibilities the harmful sun rays penetrating the roof of the house. In this situation, you can place the doghouse in your garage where you will get maximum shade from the roof; it also helps to protect it and avoid the harmful sun rays penetrating the house’s roof.

But during the winter, you can put the doghouse in an area showered by occasional sunlight to keep your Labrador warm. In winter, everyone needs sunlight, and your Labrador is not exceptional here. But also keep in mind the first point of the blog that constant sunlight for more than a longer period is not suitable for your Lab. So even in winter, avoid putting the doghouse in continuous sunlight for an extended period. You should have some wind block in front of the dog house entrance to keep your Labrador from winter chill off.

An “L” formed dog house, or a minor flap may work to wind block in the winter season.

6. Consider Direction of wind:

You should pay attention to the wind patterns around your doghouse. Do not arrange your Labrador doghouse to face north; your Lab maybe feels cold winds in the winter season. It would help if you met the doghouse away from the wind. It would be better if you put the doghouse towards a more sheltered part of your backyard. The door of the doghouse should be opposing the direction of the wind. Make sure the least amount of wind seeps into it. It will also help your doghouse to avoid any foreign materials entering the space.

To figure out where the wind is coming from most often, you need to simply pay attention to the way the dog house is facing when you put it up. If you merely pay attention to the weather on windy, cold, or snowy days, you will likely find or figure out where the wind is coming from most often. You can use this information to protect your Labrador Retriever by facing the back of the doghouse towards that exposure.

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7. Choose safe location from exotic animals:

If your Lab spends most of its time outdoors, you need to make its doghouse environment safe from exotic animals. Make sure you select the location for your Lab’s doghouse where it is not exposed to exotic animals. You can secure your backyard with a fence to avoid the access of exotic animals on your property.

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8. Make aesthetically approach:

beautiful doghouse

Now, you have already tried your best to give your Labrador comfort and safety. It’s time to think about aesthetic concerns for your doghouse. It would be best if you also put the right place to look beautiful. You can put your doghouse in the middle of a flower bed if you make sure that your Lab won’t dig up flowers. Remember you can make the same color of the doghouse and your own home anytime. It also makes the overall feel of your home and yards better by choosing a nice-looking dog house.

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