Grooming is a very important part of a dog’s taking care process. If you keep this on the way then your dog can be saved from many health issues. Many dog parents don’t take grooming seriously. They think that it is just an optional thing to do to make your dog look good. But grooming is not about only the appearances but it includes many health benefits.

If you don’t groom your dog regularly then your dog can have mats in its long coat. Your dog will start smelling like a waste truck. If their nails not get clipped properly then they curl and produce difficulty for the dogs. There are many more.

So, all those possible issues are listed below that can happen just to not groom your canine. All the points are well explained so start reading and at last, you will have a strong idea why grooming is this much important for your dog.

What does dog grooming include?

grooming includes

Before knowing the issues that your dog can have due to no grooming first let’s know about this topic. What does grooming actually include? Some people think that grooming means brushing the coat of a dog. But it is not just it. There is more in this word grooming. Grooming includes all those things that are about your dog’s cleanliness or hygiene. Grooming includes:

  • Brushing or combing the dog’s coat.
  • Bathing the dog
  • Brushing the dog’s teeth
  • Nail clipping to a comfortable length
  • Shaving the dog’s coat if needed or requested
  • Trimming over eyes and ear tips
  • Cleaning anal glands
  • Shampooing a muddy or skunked dog
  • Removing of fleas or ticks

Possible issues that can happen if you don’t groom your dog regularly.

1. Mats in the hair coat of your dog

matfull dog hair

The very first issue that comes with a bad grooming habit is the mats in the long-haired dogs. If you have a short-haired dog then this will be no issue for you. But if you have a long-haired dog like Shih Tzu or Poodle then the mats can be a real issue. General people struggle to notice the mats in their elementary phase because they start from the skin. The best way to check the mats by combing your dog hair from the root to the tip. If you feel any stuck then the mats are starting to form.

If a long-haired dog gets wet then its hair can mat and will form skin irritation. A large number of mats cause a lot of pain and are determinantal of the dog’s health and well-being. So, take these mats seriously if you have a long-haired dog. It is a better idea if you take them to a professional groomer. And if you have a dog like Labrador then you can start brushing them at your home.

2. Very bad smell from your dog’s body

The second issue that comes with a bad grooming habit is a very bad smell. Your dog will start smelling like a dog. I mean that a not good sign. You treat them like your family member but what if one of your family members starts smelling like a garbage truck. This will be quite irritating right. This bad smell occurs due to the blocking of the coat pores due to dirt and mats. If you keep brushing and combing your dog’s coat and bathe them every week then you can reduce this bad smell to a very high extent.

Note: You should not bathe your dog daily. Once in a week is an ideal frequency to bathe your dog. If you bathe your dog daily then they will lose the essential oils of their skin and their skin will get dry. This will lead to dull fur on the dog’s body.

3. Tartar buildup in the dog’s teeth

tartar in dog teeth

Tartar buildup is a very common issue that every dog owner faces. In fact, it is a sign that your dog is getting old. And due to this tartar your dog’s mouth smell very bad. You can reduce this tartar buildup with good oral hygiene. Start brushing your dog’s teeth daily. This can increase their oral life span. To start with your oral daily routine you will require your oral kit (dog brush, dog toothpaste, rinse). The pet dent dental kit can be the best suit for you.

4. Nails get crawled as they get too big

Clipping the nails is one of the very important parts of a grooming session. This is both good for your dog’s health as well as physical appearance. Can you imagine a cute dog with long nails like a beast? Seems a little funny or dangerous, I don’t know,😕 You decide. But my final point is that these big crawled nails do not look good. As these nails grow up they start to crawl and this produces difficulty in walking and sometimes joint pain. If you are not clipping your dog’s nail to a specific good length then this can be a big pain for your dog. If you have no idea how to trim your dog’s nails then go to a groomer and let it done.

5. Your dog can have ear infection

dog ear cleaning

If you are not cleaning your dog’s ear then this can lead to the dog’s ear infection. Don’t do it daily because excessive cleaning can also be harmful to your dog. Dog’s ear infection happens due to moisture, allergies, or wax buildup. You can read more about a dog’s ear infection here. When it comes to dog’s ear cleaning then it is strongly recommended that you go to a professional groomer.

6. Shedding of hair increases

With a bad grooming habit there comes a big problem for your house. Especially when you have a double-coated dog like Labrador retriever or German shepherd. Your house may be shaking right now with fear 😂. I am talking about the shedding of coat hair. When you ignore the grooming game then your dog sheds in clumps. You will find dog hair everywhere in your house. So, if you want to keep your house a house then never ignore the grooming of a dog.

7. Fleas and tick buildup

Grooming is something that helps you to control the fleas and ticks buildup on your dog’s body. The fleas and ticks are the parasites that live on their host blood (dog and even you sometimes). So, it is very important that you take care of them from start. You can read about them in detail or why grooming is important regarding them here.

8. They start looking wild

ungroomed dog

Many pet owners think that grooming is a cosmetic task. They are not totally wrong about it. Yes, cosmetic is an added benefit of grooming. When you keep your grooming game on then your dog looks more shiny and attractive. But when you stop it completely then your dog can look like the above image. Your dog will start looking wild. So, if you don’t wanna scared by your own dog at night then keep him clean and well-groomed. 🙂

9. The dog gets aggressive due to any health issue

Have you ever felt that when you have any irritation in your body then you get aggressive a little? The same happens with the dogs. When you don’t groom your dog then it leads to skin irritation and then your dog start showing some aggression signs. So, grooming is not a cosmetic thing only. It has many health and behavioral benefits. Do not ignore your dog’s grooming sessions because it is worth doing.

These were some possible issues that can happen due to a bad grooming habit. So, I think from now ownwards you will take it seriously. Hope you liked the article. Let us know in the comment.

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