A labrador retriever can do many things, but if you are getting a labrador to get dates from a guy or a girl, look fabulous in society, or have an animal to guard your yard, you are getting it for the wrong reasons. Some people just get a lab for expecting them that they are a clone of his previous lab.

Don’t get a labrador retriever if you want the exact nature of your past lab, because your friend or neighbor or coworker or boss has one, for popularity, because of their cutenessbecause you want them as a security guard. A dog has the same feeling as we have. See them as a family or companion; otherwise, the lab is not for you, even no animal is going to fulfill your desires. Keep in mind, get a labrador only if you will love them.

There are many things a lab can not do, and if you are going to get a labrador just for your selfish reason, then the below point is just for you:

1. A lab won’t make you popular:

labrador popular

If you are getting a labrador retriever for gaining some popularity in society, you are on the wrong track. Yes, a lab is your ticket to popularity, which is the main reason many people like labrador retrievers. Whether you have a dog or not, getting a lab with the intention of rage, then keep in mind that your dog won’t influence people’s opinion of you. A dog whether a labrador or any breeds of dog can not decide whether you are a good person, irritable, impatient, or unkind, or an animal-hater. Remember, you won’t fool anyone if the dog distrusts you or fears you.

2. A lab isn’t the best choice of guard dog:

lab guard

I know most readers of these blogs can be offended by reading the heading point. I know labradors, including many dog breeds are better protectors. But if you are getting a labrador retriever solely for protection, then that can be a very wrong reason. Getting a lab or any dog breeds just for your protection is a sinister purpose. Think of yourself if you are adopting a child and caring for them just to make a servant one day. How does this scenario look like? Absolutely rubbish, isn’t it.

A labrador retriever or any dog breeds have feeling, thinking, and responsive beings who deserve not only as a security guard but deserve a lot more than that. They deserve to be members of your family. Just like a baby, they need your time, energy, and love that they deserve.

Well, if you are really concerned about security, labs have less guard-dog instinct than other breeds.

If you want a labrador retriever for all the right reasons and want some protection, get a dark-colored like black or chocolate lab.

3. A lab isn’t effortless to train:

lab trainning

This is also a myth that a labrador retriever can be trained easily. There is no doubt that labs are intelligent and ready to please you anytime, but the lab is not easy to train, and not only lab this will also apply to other dog breeds. Every dog, including a labrador retriever, requires time, energy, and the most crucial thing is consistency if you want them to become well-trained. Just keep in mind that labs are no exception whenever you thought that they are clinch to train. If you don’t train your lab, you may end up feeling that you have to give up the dog.

4. A lab is more than a predator:

lab hunter

I am not going to say to you that a lab isn’t excellent for hunting purposes. We can’t deny that the labs are one of the best predators in all the breeds of dogs. But seriously, if you are getting a lab for this purpose, then don’t get it. If they aren’t also beloved by the family members, you won’t be making the most of your lab.

5. Cutness of labs shouldn’t be the reason to adopt:

lab cute

Unlike other dogs, labs are cute among most of the other dog breeds. But that should not be the reason to buy a labrador retriever. You must feel a kinship with the labrador retriever or even a different dog breed, and you must ready to spend the time and energy necessary to raise and train your labrador retriever. But surely, only cuteness can not be the long-term reason if you do not make your lab a companion and best friend for life.

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6. One lab isn’t like another Labrador retriever:

lab clone

If you are going to get a labrador retriever just to replace your past lab, don’t get it. It’s unfair to expect any dog to conform to some idea you have of how some other dog once behaved. No matter if you have known many labs, admired or loved them in the past. All labs won’t be the same, and this is entirely natural. Nature never repeats their creativity; they won’t make the same consistent characteristics and personalities again. Even twins of humans can not be the same then expecting from a labrador-retriever to all other labs is unfair to deal with. Even with the same color of labs can be as different from each other. They have different specific, consistent characteristics and personalities. Why should all the labrador retrievers be the same? They shouldn’t, and they aren’t.

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