If you are planning to adopt a dog or just took a new one to your house, it is very important to know your responsibility regarding them. Because you are a new dog owner and you have no idea about what you have to do and what not.

As a Lab dog owner, it is your responsibility to take care of your dog as a parent. You need to take their grooming, feeding, and medical responsibility. If your dog does any social harm then it is you who will be responsible for that. That is why it is important to socialize with your furry friend.

There is more you need to know about the responsibilities when you take a new canine to your home. The list is long so I will not cover all the responsibilities. But don’t worry I have picked out the 11 important responsibilities that you must know. Just keep reading because these are the crucial ones and if you don’t know them then you or your Lab can get into some trouble.

Why it is important to be a responsible dog owner?

responsible dog owner

If I answer this question then I will say that this question has two perspectives. One from the human side and another from the dog’s side. So, let me tell you what I think about both of these sides one by one. First I will tell you the human side perspective and then the dog side perspective.

Dogs ancient were the wolves. They evolved with the humans and now they are friendly and live socially with us. But that attacking instinct is still inside them. They still behave like a wolf when they sense danger to themselves or their loved ones. So, it is very important for you to socialize them with good training. You have taken him into your society that means you are the responsible one if your dog does any damage. So, you need to train them, control them with commands so, they do not harm anyone. It will be better for you as well as your society. After all, you have a wolf n collar.

Now the dog’s perspective. Dogs used to be wild animals in the past so they had a habit of taking care of themselves. But now you have taken them to your house. If you see from a dog’s point of view. They get separated from their mom and now they are with someone unknown (you). But still, you will notice one thing that they act like you are their mother. So, it is your responsibility to take care of your pet. You are the one who should provide everything that your dog needs as you do with your child. They love you unconditionally so it is your responsibility that you love them unconditionally too.

Sorry, I think I have said a lot. I get emotional 🥺 when it comes to dogs. But no more emotions now. Let’s get to the responsibilities list that you must know.

Responsibilities of a dog owner.

responsible lab owner

1. Buy the required components for your dog

The very first responsibility that you have to bear as you take a cute puppy into your home is to buy some components. Those regular things that your dog will need in his day-to-day life. Things like sleeping bed, eating bowl, a crate, foods, some toys and some other things that I don’t remember right now. 😉 The only thing I want to state here is to get ready for good shopping. You need to spend some of your savings on it.

2. Make them vaccinated

lab getting vaccinated

This is the most important responsibility that you must take care of. You must go to your vet and make your dog vaccinated. This vaccination will defend your dog from many health issues. There is no fixed amount that how many vaccines your dog needs. You can consult your veterinarian for this. You can read more about these vaccinations on the AKC website. They have explained each of them well.

3. Spay and neuter your Lab

Spaying and neutering is another process that your veterinarian will perform. In the process of your vet do the surgery of the reproductive organs of the dogs. These are done for their health benefits and to keep them calm. There are many other reasons why this is very important to be done. You can learn more about spaying and neutering here.

4. Take cake of their of food properly

lab with food

Ah, now the most interesting topic for dogs. If your pet is reading this with you then you can look at his smile right now. 🙂 As a pet parent, it is your biggest responsibility that you give your dog a healthy diet. Because this is what we all live for, including your furry friend. You need to properly take care of your dog’s diet because if you do not give him nutritious food then he can have many health issues and he will get into the underweight category. If you overfeed him then we will get into the over-weight category and will look filthy.

So, to keep your dog’s weight and health on the point you need to give him the perfect amount and nutrition of food. If you have no idea what I am talking about then you can read this blog to feed your dog a good diet. Or, if you want my suggestion about dog food then I will suggest you Ollie food plate for your dog. They have the best nutrition-packed food for your dog.

5. Keep their exercise game on top

labrador training

Now let’s talk about your next responsibility. I am putting so much weight on this point because it is worth it. Exercise is very important for your dog. And especially when you have a breed like Labrador retriever. This dog breed is a very high-energy dog breed. You need to exercise them regularly otherwise they will turn your house into a graveyard.

If you don’t exhaust their energy by exercise then they will start running in the house and will get aggressive. It can also lead to many health problems. So, if you are a lazy guy who doesn’t like exercise then get ready to change yourself. Because he needs it and he will make you run too. Know more about how to exercise your Labrador in our Labrador exercise 101 guide blog. After completing this exercise blog you will get good knowledge about exercising a dog.

6. Socialize your pet

If you are keeping a dog in your house then socializing becomes very important for him. It is very important to socialize your dog from puppyhood. If you make them social from start then it will not be difficult to make them social. But if don’t let them meet with anyone then they will get aggressive. If any guests come to your house then they will start barking at them. And in a worst-case scenario, they can even attack them.

So, let your dog meet with other people and dogs from the start. But also be alert while they are going close to someone else. Let them socialize because it is good for you as well as him too.

7. Take care of dental health

Dental health is also very important for a dog. You need to take care of their teeth properly. Brush them regularly. It is time to buy a brush and paste for your canine friend. If you are about to buy one then you will love this dental kit.

8. Groom them regularly

Just like dental care, grooming is also an important responsibility of you. You need to bathe them regularly. By regularly does not mean I am talking about daily bathing. Bath your dog once a week. If you bath them daily then this will flush out the essential oil from their skin and that is not good for your dog. The other time brush and groom their fur to make them clean and cute looking. Grooming is very important and the chances are that your dog will love it too.

9. Properly train your dog

Labrador training

Now is the time for training. Your dog needs to be trained. You must teach your dog some commands to make them obedient. If you don’t want to teach your dog many commands then you should at least teach them some basic commands like come, sit, stay, etc. This helps you to keep them in control whenever you are out or any guest comes to your home. There are many other benefits of training your dog. If you are training them then what is the limit? How much your dog can learn? read it here.

Training a dog takes time and you need to know how to train them. Now you have two options. Either you can search for training and pay them a big chunk of money to train your dog. Or, you can learn it by yourself. You can learn how to train a dog. This will help you to keep training your dog whenever you want to train them. If you learn this skill then you can train any other dog too if you get a new one in the future. So, you want to learn how to train a dog, then brain training for dogs can help you. Wish you a happy training session.

10. Take them for regular vet checkups

A regular vet check-up is equally important as others. Because you don’t know if your dog has an issue. You are not a professional. So, let the professionals handle it. If you take them for regular checkups then your vet will do some tests and will find the issue if there is any. If they find the issue then they can start the treatment immediately. This regular checkup help to trace any issue in their elementary phase. This saves your pocket from a big spend. So, take the regular checkups seriously.

11. Give them the unconditional love they need

human loving labs

Now the last point and is about love. You may be thinking how romantic I am 🥰. But, I am talking about the love of your furry friend. Your dog loves you unconditionally. So, it is your responsibility to return it back to them. Dogs are such innocent animals that if you love them once they will return it back to you 100x times. So, keep loving dogs because they deserve it.

Suman Kumar Sahni

I am Suman and I am a crazy dog lover. Actual not dog but I love all the animals. But the cute puppies have some special corner in my heart. I have spent my entire life with dogs since I was 10 years old. So, I think I know what a dog wants from we human. It's Love. And I am trying to spread that love for dogs in this world through this website.

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