Are you thinking of getting a Labrador from a rescue center but confused about it? Whenever we try to take a decision we start thinking about its pros and cons. This is human nature. And taking a dog home is a big decision So, you must think about every aspect of it. So, now let’s get into the fact of whether you should take a labrador from a shelter or not?

Getting a dog from an animal rescue organization or simple shelter has its own pros and cons. You will get your dog at a cheaper rate, the dog will already be vaccinated, and many others are its pros. But you don’t know the history of the dog and no idea about its past. So, this can be a con. Basically, there are many points on both sides. Now, it is your duty to decide that what point matters to you and what not.

The point that matters for me can be negligible for you and the point that is negligible for me can be a big issue for you. So, I have mentioned all the important pros and cons of adopting a dog from a shelter and then it is your duty to decide what matters for you and whatnot.

I will first tell you all the pros and then the cons. Each point is described with some good information So, if you read them all then it can help you to take a good decision whether you should consider a rescue organization or some other way.

Pros of adopting a Labrador dog from the animal shelter:

1. You are changing a dog’s life

The very first of all pros of adopting a dog from a rescue organization is that you are saving a dog’s life. You are providing one from millions, a home. This is the best reason why you should adopt a dog from a rescue organization.

Each year almost 6.5 million companion animals enter the U.S. animal shelter out of which 3.3 million are dogs. And from these 3.3 million dogs only 1.6 million get adopted each year. So, what happens with the rest. Some healthy dogs still kept there waiting for families so they get adopted. And some hopelessly sick or injured animals are euthanized (killed in a painless way).

Each year 670,000 dogs get euthanized in the U.S. No doubt that this number is decreasing day by day but the number is still big. So, please adopt pets from a rescue shelter. Because there is someone who is constantly waiting for your help. (Source of data: ASPCA)

2. Shelter make sure that you are able to take care

When you go to adopt a dog then the shelter men make sure that you are able to provide better care to the dog. This is for the dog as well as your well-being. Some first-time owners take the pet to their home and then enjoy the pet till they are puppies. As the pet grows they start getting irritated by them (It can be due to many reasons. You can read here, why?) and at last leave them on road on a dark night. So, the organization makes sure that you are able to take care of the dog. And as they get convinced they give you the right to own the dog.

3. They cost cheaper


When you buy a dog from a shelter then you save a lot of money as compared to when you buy it from a breeder. You have to spend approx $400 to $3000 to buy a Lab from a breeder but It will cost you below $600 when you get it through a shelter. Now you may think why don’t you get it for free.

This is because the shelter also needs some money to take care of the shelter dogs. No doubt, that they get funds from the government but those are not enough. So, they take a small amount as a taking care charge which is totally fair. You can read in detail about the cost when you adopt a Labrador from a shelter in this blog.

4. You get a already spayed and neutered dog

When you get a dog from a rescue center then you mostly a dog that is already spayed or neutered. This saves you some money as well as some energy that you would burn running into the vet clinic. So, it is one of the best things that you get when you adopt a dog.

5. They are generally already housetrained

Training is a very important part of a dog’s life. You must have to train your dog and socialize with them. And the training can be very time-consuming when you train on your own. And if you hire a trainer then it can be very costly. So, when you adopt a dog from a shelter then you can choose a dog who is already trained. This will save you some money and time.

6. Grown dogs have generally already shaped temparament.

off leash training

When you get a dog in your house then it is your duty to teach your dog socialization. You need to socialize with him. You need to shape his temperament as per the society so they do not harm anybody. But when you get an adult dog from a shelter in your home then you get an already shaped temperament dog (most of the time). So, this makes you relax that your family and society are safe with it.

Note: I said most of the time. That means not always. So, you need to make sure that your dog already socialized or not. If not then socialize him.

7. They will love you at their best

The last and the best reason why you should adopt a dog from a shelter. You have saved your dog’s life and provided him a family. And your dog knows this. So, he will love you at his best and will always be obedient. Show your love to him and he will return it back multiplying thousand times.

Cons of adopting a Labrador dog from a animal shelter:

I have talked about some positives why you should adopt your Labrador (or, any other dog breed) from a shelter. But it has some negative points too and before adopting you must know about them. For me, these points are not a big deal but they can be important for you. So, start looking at the points below.

1. It is hard to find a specific breed

dogs breed puppy

If you are searching for a specific breed in a shelter then it may be difficult to find one. Not always but sometimes this happens. But if you are searching for a Labrador then you will get one easily. Labradors are the most loved dog in the world but sadly these are almost one of the most found dog breeds in animal shelters. Here is the list of most found dog breeds in the shelters.

2. Getting a puppy dog is difficult

If you are a puppy fan then this point can be important for you. If you are thinking about adopting a puppy Labrador then this can be a little challenging for you. Most of the found in a shelter are in their adolescent or adult phase because they are left alone when they cross their puppy phase. So, if you want a puppy from a shelter then you need to get on the waiting list.

Don’t get away from adult dogs. They are also a great option as a pet. If you think that getting an adult Labrador is not a good option then you must read this blog. Here are the reasons why adopting an adult dog from a shelter is a good idea.

3. The dog can be different than you expected

When we think about having a dog in our home then most people think about a lovely and friendly dog. But the dog you are adopting can be different than your expectations. You may be hygiene friendly guy and your dog may not. So, when you take a dog home then it is like a box, full of surprises. Some you will like and some not. So, get ready for your surprises from your surprise box.

4. Can have some health issues

health of lab

Sometimes the dog you get home can have some health issues. Mostly these health issues are due to exposure and malnutrition. So, these will get fixed as you keep your dog’s diet healthy. But some dogs get some health problems from their parents and they need to be treated well. Don’t worry because these cases are very rare.

5. Can have some behavioral issues

Some pet parents betray their pet due to some behavioral issues. Issues like barking, jumping on people, chewing, ignoring commands, etc. These behavioral issues are not something that can’t be treated. These can get controlled very easily but some people leave their dogs just due to this. I humbly request you,🙏 please don’t leave these lovely animals just due to some of these behaviors. If you can’t fix the behavior then hire a trainer to fix that but don’t betray them.

6. You need to do a lot of paperwork

Some people don’t like to do the paper word like me. But you need to do that while you are trying to adopt a shelter dog. Now, this point can be put in both the positive and negative sides because due to this paperwork now, you have a legal right to keep this pet in your house. But yeah, you need to complete the paperwork.

7. You don’t know anything about the dog’s past

sad labrador

The dogs in a shelter are those dogs who have already been in a family and then got betrayed. Then how they survived in the world no one has this idea. How were their old owners no one has any idea? So, a big issue with adopting a dog is that you don’t know anything about his past. You don’t know what good and bad memories he has. There is a mysterious past of your dog and no one knows it other than your dog. So, this is a thing that can bother you.

8. You can get rejected if you don’t meet the organization requirements

Now the last negative of going shelter to adopt a dog is that you can come back empty-handed if you don’t meet their requirements. This is for the dog’s well-being. The shelter people don’t want that the dog gets betrayed once more. So, they confirm first that you are the right fit for the dog. And if you don’t fit into their requirements then you can get rejected.


Above are the pros and cons of getting a dog from a shelter. I don’t know what you decided after reading this blog but if you ask me for suggestions, then I will say go for it. There can be some negatives but you are helping someone to live a good life. And they will give you love back as a result. So, what you decided whether you are getting a dog from the shelter or not? Let me know in the comment. I will love to read and reply.

Suman Kumar Sahni

I am Suman and I am a crazy dog lover. Actual not dog but I love all the animals. But the cute puppies have some special corner in my heart. I have spent my entire life with dogs since I was 10 years old. So, I think I know what a dog wants from we human. It's Love. And I am trying to spread that love for dogs in this world through this website.

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