It is very important to know the dog’s age if you want to take care of him properly. There is so much that you need to change in your pet’s routine as they start getting old. You need to change their dieting plan, their exercise routine, and how you look after them. This is a sign of a good dog parent that you are showing. When you buy a puppy from a breeder then there are many chances that you already know how old they are.

But if you have adopted a dog then the chances are that you don’t know much about them. What is their past history, what is the age, are there any health issues? You need to clarify these all on your own. In that case, you stuck in a situation where you need to know your dog’s age by any means. If you know their age then you can take care of them properly.

Right now there is no perfect way to tell the age of a dog accurately. But you can make some estimations by looking at their teeth and body senses. The body appearance also gives some information about the adult dogs. If you want ever more accurate data of your dog then you should consult your veteran for the dog’s blood profile test.

You can get an idea of your dog’s age by looking at their body parts. These estimations will not give the exact answer but will give you an overall idea so you can take care of your dog properly. This idea should be enough for you. The best way to know your dog’s age is by looking at their teeth. So, let’s start one by one what you have to look for so you can get the idea of your dog’s age.

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1. By looking at teeth

labrador teeth looking

As I said above the teeth are the best option you have if you want to know your Lab’s age. By looking at a puppy’s teeth you can make a very close guess of their age but the adult dogs are pretty tough to get the idea. So, to get the idea of the dog’s age we will divide them into two groups. In the first group, we will talk about the puppies. We will determine the puppy’s age by looking at their teeth. The dog whose age is in months or weeks will lie into this group.

And the adult dogs will get into the second group. We will determine their age by looking at their teeth’ health. This assumption can get wrong because teeth health depends on many factors. If their teeth are getting cleaned properly or their diet is good or bad, these can have a big impact on their teeth’ health. So, let’s start our age-determining journey. 🙂

Group 1: Puppies age by teeth eruption

If your dog is a puppy then this group will help better. And if your dog looks like a puppy then congratulation because you can get a very close idea of your dog’s age. I am not saying that it will be exact but it will be pretty close. Now start looking at your dog’s teeth.

If your dog has not any teeth then he is less than 2 weeks old. And if he is less than 2 weeks then it is not good news. At this age, she needs her mother. And now you have to be his mother. You need to take care of it like a dog’s mother. Feeding him mild on time, keeping his body warm and all the other responsibilities is yours.

If he has some teeth then now you can start determining his age. Every dog has 4 types of teeth: Incisor, Canine, Premolar, and Molar. And they have a fixed pattern of coming out. The dog’s teeth come out in a fixed pattern, First, the Incisors come out then Canine teeth followed by Premolar and Molar. Dogs first develop baby teeth and then the Adult teeth replace them as happens with humans.

dental anatomy of dog
Anatomy of dog’s teeth

Now as I said that they have a fixed pattern to come out. We will use those teeth growing phases to determine the age of your puppy.

Below is a table that shows the dogs age and the teeth growth as per the time.

Age of the DogTeeth changes as per the age
Less than 2 weeksNo teeth
3 to 4 WeeksCanine teeth come out
4 to 5 Weeks2 middle Incisors erupt
4 to 6 Weeks2 Molar erupt
5 to 6 Weeks3rd Incisor erupt
6 to 8 weeks3rd Molar erupt
8 weeks to 4 MonthsThey have 28 Baby teeth
4 to 5 MonthsAdult Incisors, 1st Premolar and 1st Molar erupt
5 to 6 MonthsAdult Canine, 2 to 4 Premolar, 2nd Molar erupt
6 to 7 Months3rd Molar come out
8 to 10 MonthsAll back teeth will come out
After 10 MonthsAltogether there will be 42 adult teeth

So, with the help of the above table, you just have to see the puppy teeth and look for their teeth growth. And as per their teeth growth, you can determine the puppy’s age. The above table is not the exact data but it is an estimation. The exact real age can be slightly different.

Note: A dog enjoys his baby teeth only for 3 to 4 months.

Group 2: Dogs age by teeth health

The above data is for the puppies. But what about the adult dogs? They have all the teeth already grown then how will you find their age? The above data chart will not work for them. Of course not. We will find the age of an adult dog by looking at their teeth’ health.

  • 6 month old to 1.5 years old: Front teeth will be nice and wide. They will be completely clear. In general, if all the teeth of a dog are completely white then he is 1 year old.
  • 1.5 to 3 years: Yellow straining in Canine teeth and the Molar starts to occur.
  • 2 to 3 Years: Tartar starts to build up but is very less.
  • 3 to 5 years: Mild tartar buildup.
  • 5 to 8 years: Moderate tartar buildup.
  • 10 years and more: Seviour tartar buildup.

Now you can check your dog’s teeth and can make an estimation. But sometimes these estimations can go wrong. If you are taking care of your dog’s teeth very properly then these health issues will occur a little late. If you are managing his food properly then this will reduce the aging process. This is why I said at the start that it is hard to identify the age of an adult dog because it depends on many things.

2. By the hair coat color

labrador getting old

The above teeth method is the best way to find the age of the dog. But there are many others that give a small idea about the age too. And a dog’s hair coat is one of them. Their hair color starts to look gray or white as they start to get old just like humans. The only difference is that they don’t get bald like humans. Between 7 to 10 years old they are likely to develop some gray and white on the chest, muzzle, or haunches. So, if they are in the senior dog category then you can tell this by their hair color.

3. Through body muscles

Dog’s body muscles work the same as the human’s body muscles. When you are young then the muscles are at their best time but as you get old it keeps decreasing. The same is with the dogs. If your dog is muscular then that means he is pretty young. But as your dog will get older he will start losing some of its muscles. To check the muscle’s decrement click one picture of him now. And then click another one after 1 month. Now compare them. If he has lost some muscles then it means that your dog is getting old.

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4. By looking at the dog’s eyes

labrador cloudy eyes

Eyes are another mostly used parameter that most of the vet uses to determine the dog’s age. The dog’s eyes start getting cloudy as they get older. As they get 6 to 8 years old, their eyes become cloudy. In some cases, some dogs lose their vision entirely or develop cataracts as they get old. So, it is better to keep consulting your veteran to make sure that your dog’s eyes are healthy. It is best practice to make sure that your dog does not face any discomfort.

5. Their hearing power

As vision starts getting weak the same happens with the listening power. The puppy dogs have the best power to listen to any sound. But as they get older their listening power starts getting down. So, keep checking these all because with the help of these you can get a good idea of your dog’s age.

Hope these charts and data help you to find the age of your dog. 🙂

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