Staying home alone is a very important habit that your dog must have. This is something that you will need day by day. When you go to school, college, or office and there can be such a situation where your dog needs to stay home alone. When you and your whole family are about to go on a vacation where you can’t take your furry friend with you. Then there are some situations where he will be left alone. These are just some examples but the key point is that your lab must know how he needs to enjoy himself without being destructive in the house.

To teach your Labrador to stay home alone you need to start training him from the start. Start teaching him to stay from 20 sec and start increasing the time span slowly. The switch to the wait command and keep increasing the time span till hours. With these slow improvements, you can make your lab self-dependent. It is very important that your dog learns self-dependency.

To teach your dog to stay home alone you need to do some extra work. So, get ready to train him this skill because this can save you a lot of time and money in the near future. Below first I will show you the process of how you have to teach your dog to stay home alone. And then I will show you some points that you must check whenever you are leaving him home alone. So, let’s get on our journey.

Teaching your dog to stay home alone

1. Teach your dog stay command first

lab in stay possition

The first thing to start with is stay command. Teach your dog the stay command. And if you already have taught him then that’s great. But if you haven’t then it is the time to teach him this command. Because without this command it is almost impossible to teach him to stay alone at home.

2. Teach your dog wait command

After the stay command, the next come is the wait command. Wait command is a little similar to the stay command with some modifications. Our final goal is to teach our dog this wait command because this will condition him to stay home alone. Wait command is something that tells your dog that you are leaving and will get back soon. As we say to our loved ones as we leave our house that we will get back soon. The same thing you are asking your dog that you will come back soon till he waits.

Difference between stay and wait command:

Stay CommandWait Command
You are in front of your dog’s eyesYou are away from your dog’s eyes
The dog is not allowed to move from his positionThe dog can move if he wants to
Lasts for 10 sec to 5 minLasts from 5 min to hours
You can appreciate him with treats.Try to appreciate him with love, joy, and excitement.
This is my way of defining them. Other trainers can have some different approach.

As you can see the difference between these two commands and you can identify that the wait command seems very identical to leaving your dog home. You are not in front of him when you leave your dog home, right? And this is what we are teaching our dog in our wait command.

3. Now start increasing the waiting time progressively

stay home lab

In the wait command, you do not have to ask your dog to wait for hours on the first attempt. You need to proceed slowly. Start from 1 min and see how your dog responds. And then slowly keep increasing the time period. This habit is not something that he can build overnight. It takes time to understand that you are leaving and come back soon. So, keep practicing with your dog and teach him to stay alone slowly.

4. Try to teach your dog good manners from the start

This is something that will help you here if you have taught your dog good manners from the start. If you have taught your dog that chewing the furniture is a bad manner then there are fewer chances that he will chew your furniture when you are not at home with him. If you have completed the poop training then he is less likely to do the accident on the floor. If you have taught him these good manners then these habits will definitely help him to stay calm when he is left home alone. But if he has separation anxiety then the situation can be a bit different.

5. An exercise pen can help at the start

dog in exercise pen

If your dog is hard to handle then an exercise pen can be helpful for you. It has much space to play and explore. You can put his food, water, and favorite toys in it. Your dog will be busy doing his business in that space and you can do your own. So, use it if your dog always destroys your house whenever you leave him alone there.

Things to check out before leaving your dog alone at home

Even after you have taught your dog to stay home alone there are some things that you must check before leaving the house. These are the important basic things that will make sure that your dog stays calm and had his basic needs fulfilled. These important checks are about your dog’s and your house’s well-being.

1. Make sure your dog had his meal

lab with empty bowl

The very first thing for everyone on this planet is food. And the same as for your dog. So, whenever you are going somewhere make sure that your canine belly is full. If he gets hungry when you are out and there is no food left for him then this can be a bit destructive. When he gets hungry then he will start chewing your furniture and bedsheets. So, it is important that you feed your dog an hour before you leave. It is very important that you feed your dog some quality food. Try these nutritious dog food that can keep your dog health on top.

2. His water bowl should be ready

The water is equally important as food. Before leaving fill his water bowl so he do not die from thirst.

3. Make him poop and pee before you leave

This is also a good practice before leaving him alone in your house. If possible then make him poop and pee before you leave. If he gets his work done then this gives you the satisfaction that your house is a little safe from getting dirty. This does not guarantee but it is a better practice that can keep your house clean.

4. Make him exhaust before leaving

man playing with lab

As we all know that Labradors are very high-energy dogs. And when you leave your Lab alone in your house then he is the owner of the house now. That means he can do anything he wants to in the house. So, if your furry friend feels boredom after you leave then he can start running and jumping in the room. he will start exploring your house and can break many things even if he doesn’t want to do so. If they run in the house then there is a high possibility that they will make destruction in your house.

So, it is better to exhaust them before you leave. Start exercising them before you leave. Make them exhaust as possible so they keep sleeping all the time you are out. This is the safest option you have when you are out of your home and your dog is alone at your house.

5. Before leaving make your house puppy proof

Here puppy proof does not mean that your house is totally safe from your puppy. Because this is almost impossible. But you can make it puppy proof as possible. Before leaving your dog alone in home make sure that all the important things are on a high surface where your dog can’t reach easily. Some items like, laptops, chargers, or any other important things. This will provide your house some extra safety from your high energy dog.

6. A pet camera can help to keep an eye on him

pet cameras

When you leave your canine friend alone at home then all the time you keep thinking about them. All the time you are worried about your home and the dog. How your lab is feeling? What he might be doing right now? And there are many such questions that move in mind all the time. To solve this problem you can set up a pet camera in your house. With these advanced pet cameras, you can keep an eye on him, call him if you want and there are many other kinds of stuff that these cameras do.

So, think about setting up a pet camera in your house. No doubt that you have to spend some money on them but these cameras are worth buying. They give you the satisfaction that your pet is safe in your house and you can see them whenever you want from anywhere in this world.

7. Make sure he is ready to be left alone

You need to train your dog to be left alone before you leave him alone in the house. You can’t just wake up one day say, “Let’s leave our pet alone at home and go for a walk.”. This is not practically possible. And while training it is you who will decide if your dog is ready to be left alone at home or not. So, make the decision and act according to that. Remember that there is only one best person in this world who can tell if your dog is ready to be left alone and that is you. So, take your responsibility and go for it.

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