When you have a large-sized dog breed but it still gets small then you feel a little disappointed. Especially when you have a dog like Labrador. This breed is one of those breeds that look great and adorable when they are big in size. So, what should you do if your dog is not getting the height as expected?

A dog’s height mostly depends on their genes they got from their parents. But you can boost their height to their max by a balanced diet and keeping them safe from all the health issues. Keep extra care for your dog till it gets one year old because this is the best time for dog growth.

This answer to this question is not that easy that I can explain this in one line. So, below I have explained why your dog is not gaining the height and what you can do about it to fix this. Every point is covered in detail in a sequence so keep reading line by line. If you are skipping through then the chances are that you will miss some information. So, let’s increase your Lab height.

Why your Labrador is small in size?

small labrsdor

Before knowing the things that can help you to grow your dog to its max height. First, you should know why? Why your dog is small in size. Are you doing anything wrong or is it natural?

Your dog is small in size due to its genes. 90% reason is the gene that is keeping your dog small. But if your dog’s parents were good at height then your dog is not getting enough nutrition that can help him to grow big. With proper diet and care, you can make your dog grow to a limit.

There is also some habit that can make your dog look small. The one very common is that you serve food to your dog at a ground level. In that case, your dog keeps his neck down to eat. And this builds a habit to always keep the neck down. This makes your dog look small. Don’t worry, I will cover everything below how you can fix these all things. 😉 So, below are the things that you can do to increase your dog’s height.

This is how you can increase your dog’s height:

1. Be picky about the breed

dogs breed puppy

When we are talking about the breed then the very first thing that comes is the breed. Your dog’s height varies as per your breed. What breed you have is a factor. You can’t expect a medium-sized dog to achieve a large-sized dog height. I know this example seems weird but this is what I have right now🤔. The final point is if height is a very primary factor for you then pick the right breed for you in the start.

But the above para is not the only thing that I want to discuss on this point. What breed you have has its own growing phase. That means you can’t expect your dog to grow more if he has crossed that growing time. As a Labrador grows till they get one year old. The other dog breeds have their own specific growing time.

Below is a chart of Labrador height as per their age. If your dog is growing normally then your dog’s height will be nearly the same.

AgeHeight Range (Male)Height Range (Female)
8 weeks8-12″7-10”
9 weeks8-12″7-10”
10 weeks10-12″8-12”
11 weeks10-12″8-12”
3 months12-15″10-14”
4 months10-12″10-14”
5 months15-18”12-15”
6 months15-18”12-15”
7 months16-19”15-18”
8 months18-20”17-20”
9 months20-23”20-22”
10 months22-25”21-23”
11 months22-25”21-23”
1 years22-25”21-23”
2 years22-25”21-23”
Refrence: Doggiedesigner

2. Chose a good gene puppy at start

Lab puppy

Your dog will be big or small it mostly depends on their gene. You can’t do anything about it. Whenever you are buying a puppy then it is a good idea to see their parents because more or less your dog is going to be identical to them. If your dog’s parents are big in size then your dog will reach that height very easily. But if your dog’s parents were small then it is a little difficult to get a big size.

Yes, you can boost your dog’s height by other factors a little. But the most it will be their gene that will show the traits. So, don’t think much about the height because you cannot do much about it. Yes, you can correct some mistakes that can show the difference like the next point.

3. Use a elevated dog bowl

down lifter

This is a mechanical tool that adjusts the food bowl height as per your dog’s height. This tool does not let your dog put his head down and protects him from a down head issue. Your dog keeps his head up while he is eating and this will keep him in his natural shape and height. We are doing this because when you serve your dog in a bowl on the ground then keep their head down while eating and build a habit of doing so all the time. This makes your dog look small because we measure the height of the dog from its ear to the ground.

So, start using a food bowl lifter or buy it from somewhere. You can check out this one. Or, if you don’t have one and you are not planning to buy one then go with the DIY hacks. Use any chair, books, or any other thing where you can place the food bowl to keep your dog height up. By correcting this habit you will notice a good change in your dog’s height.

4. Give your dog multivitamin and calcium

calcium in food

Calcium and vitamins are very important for your dog’s growth. If you have a large size bog breed then it is compulsory. For your labrador, it is also a good option for his growth. If your dog is not getting enough nutrition then he cannot get his max height possible.

Calcium is very important for your dog because it promotes their growth, healthy bone, and teeth, proper muscle building, a strong heart, and a great nervous system. It is better that you start giving calcium to your Lab as the vaccination starts from 45 days. How much to give, you can discuss this with your vet. Or, you can follow the routine mentioned in the supplement box.

Like other animals and people, dogs cannot produce vitamins and minerals naturally in their bodies. They consume it through the food. And if you do not fulfill this need then it can lead to some health issues. The packet foods are available in the market balance this nutrition in it. But if you are giving your dog home food then you lack this information. You can use this nutrition chart to know about home food nutrition. So, it is a better option to give your dog some additional multivitamins. This will complete your dog’s nutritional needs.

Warning: Never give calcium to your pregnant dog. It can be harmful for her.

5. Your dog’s diet should be balanced

balanced dog diet

As I said to you above that the dog needs nutrition to grow. Actually this universal. We all need the proper nutrition to grow. But keep in mind that when you are giving them nutrition through food then you cannot overfeed them. And you also can’t give them less nutrition. You need to give them the diet in balance.

If you have no idea about the diet then this blog can help you to get the idea of the food you should give to your dog. Or, you can go for the pet plates. I will suggest Ollie pet plates because they balance all the nutrition in their food.

6. The exercise is very important

As the diet is important for your dog’s growth, exercise is equally important. When your Lab exercise then it maximizes the blood flow and this promotes nutrition digestion. It gives your dog mental as well as physical stimulation. The food your dog is consuming should be digested well. And the exercise helps in that.

A good exercise routine makes your dog strong, promotes muscle growth, speeds up the growing process, and many more. You cannot count all the benefits of exercise. So, start exercising your dog and if you have no idea how to do it then this exercise 101 blog can help.

7. Deworm your dog on scheduled time

dog deworming

Your dog has worms in his body. And not only your dog but every dog in this world have worms in their body. And if their amount increases then this can lead to very slow growth of your pet. Your dog will eat very less or if he is eating then you will not see any effect on his body. So, it is very important to deworm your dog. Before any vaccination, you must deworm your dog. You must fix a proper schedule to deworm your dog because it can save your dog from many health issues. Worms in young dogs can even cause death but this is very rare for adult dogs.

If you have no idea when to deworm your dog then below is a general routine for your help. But it is always suggested that you consult your vet about this. Your veterinarian will give you a specific schedule checking your dog’s weight and health.

Dog’s Age RangeDeworming schedule
21 – 30 daysThe 1st deworming
1 – 3 monthsEvery Month
3 – 6 monthsOnce in every 2 month
More than 6 monthsOnce every 3 months or, when required

Tip: If your dog is not taking the worm medicine then you can give it to your dog by mixing it with the gravy. Your dog will finish the whole meal with the medicine in seconds.

8. Giving liver tonic to the dog

Liver tonic is also very important for your dog’s health. It detoxifies your dog’s liver and keeps it safe from other diseases. It helps to reduce toxins from the blood and improves your digestion system. You can read more about liver tonic here.

9. Try that your puppy do not get any health issue

And at last, your dog’s health. If you want your dog to grow better then you need to keep him healthy. If your dog gets sick then the nutrition you are giving your dog will start working for the recovery, not for the growth. And this will have a massive impact on your dog’s weight and height. Vaccinations are very important to keep your dog healthy. So, do your best to keep your furry friend healthy.

These are the things you can use to boost your dog’s growth. With time you will see a good result if you start working on them. Hope you enjoyed the article. 🙂

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