When your furry friend is getting old then it is very important that you realize this. Because with time there are many things you need to change in his parenting. If you realize this on time that your Labrador is getting old on time then you can make him a little longer life. You can give him proper exercise and diet that will keep him healthy as possible.

When your Labrador starts getting slow then it is the first sign that your dog is getting old. You can verify this with other signs like cloudy eyes, awful breathe, increase in sleep time, getting new lumps and bumps, significant change in weight, etc. When you start seeing some of these signs then this shows that it is time to take extra care of him.

So, as I said that it is very important that you realize that your Lab is getting old on time, I will explain every point how you have to look for the signs and what you need to see. Just keep reading and you will know everything to get an idea of this. But remember that it is important to consult your vet for confirmation. So, he is check everything and will solve if something is wrong.

1. Difficulty in seeing things

cloudy eyes

The One difficulty that your Labrador start facing with aging is difficulty in seeing things. Their eyes start getting cloudy and they will struggle to see things. It can be a sign of a cataract. If you identify this issue on time then you can treat it with proper medication and care. When you realize that your dog is struggling to find some toys on the ground or when you give him food then he struggles to find that then it is important to consult your vet as fast as possible. Your vet will do some tests and will find out if he is actually getting problems seeing things. And if your pet has an issue with that then he can do some treatments.

2. Bad breathe

This can be the very first sign that you will notice in your dog. It is a truth that dogs don’t smell like a flower but when there gets a situation when you can’t bear her breath then this is the time to visit your vet. Bad breath in your dog occurs due to gum disease, tooth decay, or infection in the mouth. It can be treated if you find it on time. If you identify it on time then you can save your dog from a seviour problem and will save your pocket from getting empty.

With the time the immune system weakens are so your dog is likely to have many health issues. The bad teeth condition is one of them. They start to turn yellow and start making tartar in it. You can slow down this process by following a good oral routine. Brush your Lab regularly and keep tracking their teeth health. For that this dental kit can help you to keep your Lab’s dental health on top.

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3. Slow body movements

lazy labrador

This is common in all animals including us. Yes, we are animals too. 😉 As we get old, we start getting slow. Our bodies do not move too much. We love to rest a lot. The same is with the dogs. If they are getting old then they will start losing their energy. Now they will start taking frequent breaks on a long walk. After a little physical movement, they will start breathing heavily. sometimes when you call them they do not come. These are the signs that your dog’s body movement is getting slow. Most of the time when the dogs start getting old their back legs start getting weak. You can notice this when they struggle to get up.

As your dog is getting old now is the time to make some changes. You need to change her exercise schedule. Decrease the exercise time and keep frequent breaks when you go for a walk. Start adding some extra nutrition to her diet.

4. Increase in sleep time

This one is another easy-to-check sign. You can notice that if your dog is taking a regular sleep or is the time increasing. If your Lab is sleeping too much then this shows that he requires much rest now. And this is a direct sign of getting old.

5. Getting new lumps and bumps

As the dogs get older the chances of getting lumps and bumps increases. Some of them are benign (non-cancerous) and some are malignant (cancerous). But the good news is that even the malignant lumps and bumps can be cured if found at the right time. So, it is your responsibility to keep checking your dog’s body. Labs are double-coated dog breeds so check their body by touching and feeling them. This will help you to identify them are the initial phase and as you get one immediately consult your vet. You can read more about them here.

6. Significant change in weight

low weight labrador

In terms of weight checking, you need to make sure that he has a healthy weight. Overweight or underweight both are not a good sign. Some dogs start gaining weight that makes them more slow and filthy. Some start losing weight due to muscle loss. If your dog losses 10% of its body weight in months or I say less than a year time period then this is a big red sign. You need to consult your vet immediately. Check if your Lab is in a range of 55 to 80 lbs. If he gets more away from this range then get him to your veteran. He will tell you the correct status of your dog if he is healthy or needs treatment.

7. Difficulty in potty and urination things

As the dogs get old they start losing control of their body. This leads to frequent accidents in the house. Even after being potty trained, they do accidents. Their urine also starts leaving strains. These all are the signs that your canine is getting old and you need to take extra care of them.

8. Start forgetting commands

lab shy

As we get old our memory starts getting weak. The same happens with the dogs. They start losing their memory with time. Not all dogs but some show this sign. The early sign of this will be that they will start forgetting commands. The commands they have practiced very well but now they are struggling to perform them. If your dog is showing these signs then this is an indication that your pet is getting old and losing his memory.

9. Pain and swallowing in body parts

The last sign you need to check is the pain in joints or swallowing in other body parts. No doubt that these can happen due to many other reasons. But this is also a sign of aging. If your dog has joint pain then swimming is a great exercise for them. Swimming is an exercise that is the best suitable for senior dogs and it works on their joints. But if your find the issue seviour then you should consult your vet. Swallowing is also a sign so an eye on that too.

These are the signs that will help you to get an idea that your dog is getting old. But remember that it is always better to talk with your doctor about it. Because these signs can be the indication of something else too.

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