So, you want a labrador retriever at your home, but your parents are not allowing you. You may love labrador retrievers but think from your parent’s point of view. You’ll have to take care 24 hours a day for the first few years. You will have to take care of your labs, like giving baths regularly and taking care of their medicine if required.

You can convince your parents by a caring dog from your local organization, like foster a dog. Fostering a dog is the best way to show your parents that you can take care of a labrador retriever. Please make a list of commitments and fulfill it like bathing your dog, cleaning after mess, etc.

If you are ready to take care of everything related to your dog, you are at the right place where I will try to cover 100 percent working technique to convince your parents to get a labrador retriever at home. Well, there are many benefits of having a dog at your home, you can convince your parents by telling them.

1. Show them that you are responsible:

responsible boy

You first need to show your parents that you are mature enough to take care of a dog. Maybe they think that your study will suffer if you have dogs. And at some point, they are right. Tell them you will take care of both. Your action says everything, so how will you show them that you are responsible enough to take care of the dog. Let’s have a look:

  • Do not allow your studies to suffer.
  • Listen to your parents when they say something to do.
  • Do all your work on time.
  • Clean your room on time.

2. Don’t ask for adult labs:

labrador puppy

Your parents maybe not allow you to adopt an adult labrador retriever because there is a huge responsibility to take care of. Adult Labrador retriever big in size, so your parents thinks they mess more. So ask for puppy labs. You can increase the chance of convincing your parents by asking this.

3. Foster a dog:

foster a dog

As I discussed earlier that fostering a dog is best to opt first. But first, you need to know what is Foster a dog? Foster a dog means you agree to take a homeless dog into your home for a predetermined period of time. The short period of time can be at least one week and can be up to six months at the most.

These types of organizations are everywhere. You will not need to think about the cost of their living, their daily food, health checkup, or required medicine; an organization can take everything.

Foster a dog can be the best way to prove to yourself that you are capable of adopting any dog like a labrador retriever. By taking responsibility, you can show your parents that you are serious about adopting a dog.

You will get the list of organizations near you:

  • You need to search on google “Foster a dog space your city name(e.g.- New York)”
  •  You will see the complete list in your city.
  •  Select at least two organizations and make a detailed list. 

4. Commit your parents:


Now make a commitment to yourself in front of your parents that you are going to take care of your dog like:

  • Take your dog on a walk daily.
  • Give a bath to your dog every day.
  • Feeding your dog day and night.
  • Taking care of their cleanness after the mess.
  • Exercising it regularly.

You need to make ten lists of commitments. Now you are ready to ask your parents to adopt your own lab puppy. 

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5. Tell them the advantage of having a Labrador retriever:

benefits of labrador

You may win this battle with your parents if you start telling them the benefits of having a Labrador retriever. You can tell them that labrador retriever is:

  • social: According to AKC, labrador retrievers are in the list of top 10 friendly and adorable dog breeds in the world.
  • easy to train: Among other breeds of dogs that require a lot of training whereas you don’t have to work very hard to trend labrador retriever.
  • friendly with kids: Labs know how to live with your baby.
  • can detect diseases like cancer: Labrador Retriever can detect a variety of types of cancers, including skin cancer, breast cancer, and bladder cancer.
  • Improve mental health: They will help you and your family to live stress-free.

There are many other benefits of having a labrador retriever; you can learn more from here.

6. Tell them labrador fits into your family:

labrador fit itno family

Labrador Retriever is generally medium size dog, so they consume less amount of space. They can fit your home or into your family 😉 There may be some issue that faces a large size dog owner. Among the top ten list of smart dogs, labs hold the seventh position. No parents like a dull or lazy dog, but everyone likes an intelligent dog.

7. Tell them what you will do when you are not at home:

If you are working a part-time job or studying at school or college, you may have to explain to your parents how you will take care of your dog, when you not at home. Your parents will never convince you if you leave your dogs at home with your parents. 

8. Ask labs as a birthday gift:

ask a birthday gift labrador

You can ask the labrador retriever on your birthday as a birthday gift. Your parents may say yes. But they actually try to manipulate by giving another thing. You can give it a try whether your parents convince you or not.

9. Earn good grades:

earn good grade

Get top rank in your class may be difficult for most of us; even I was not good at studying. But you can get good grades that impress your parents to offer you something from their side. Once you get good marks, you will ask labrador retriever as a gift.

10. Invite your friends who own labrador at home:

You can invite your friends who own labrador and introduce them to your family. You can tell your parents that if your friend can hold or take care of labs so why you can’t. It is better to invite the same age friend because it is beneficial when you compare him.

Ask your friend to bring labs for a week and prove to your parents that you are capable of caring for dogs. Bringing a labrador retriever to your home for a week can make enough bond to your parents as they are a very human-friendly dog.

11. Save money to buy a labrador retriever:

No matter who are you and what are you doing. In every phase of life, you can save money. If you are a student you can save money from your pocket money or if you are employee you can save too. If you are not capable to buy labrador retriever, atleast you can contribute some money to your parents. Labrador Retriever is one of the expensive dogs.

The Average cost of a labrador retriever is about $800 to $1200

12. Identify dog lover from mom or dad:

identifying dog lover

It may be possible that one of your parents convince you; first, you know better. You just need to identify which one will convince you first. Approach first to that person first, once one of them convinces, they will convince the other. In this way, you will hit two birds with one stone.

13. Give your parents enough time to think:

Don’t repeat every time to buy a dog. Give them time to think; your parents will not say yes suddenly. But if you ask in a loop, I am damn sure they will say no. If you ask and silent for a few days, maybe they will think for sure. You just have to feed the Labrador Retriever’s Information in their subconscious mind. The rest of the work will be done by the unconscious mind itself.

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