Keeping a Lab in the house is not enough to enjoy the time with him. You need to have a special bond with your pet. A dog can be a great companion if you both trust each other. So, you need to be good friends otherwise there is no meaning to have a dog with you. I have seen many guys who struggle to get friendly with their dogs. They live in the same house but can’t build that special connection.

To be your dog’s best friend you need to treat him with love. Dogs are always hungry for love and if you show them your love they will show it too. Trust is the main factor in every relationship and the same is with your dog. Just trust him and you will be his best friend.

There are many things that you can do to show love to your Lab. So, in this blog, I will show you some ways by that you can make your Lab realize that you love your dog and trust. And when he gets this idea he will be totally devoted to you.

1. Be patient

be patience

If you want to be your Lab’s best friend then the first must thing you need to do is to be patient. Because it is a slow process. You can’t expect him to be your best friend in just one day. It takes time. Some dogs get friendly from start and some take up to years. It is all up to you and him. If his experience with humans in past is not good then he will take some time to trust you. So, don’t get overly excited about it. Take it slow like a kiss. The end result will be pleasing. 🙂

2. Observer your dog

The next important thing is observation. How much you know about your dog. He can be your best friend but first, you need to understand him. What your dog like and whatnot. Some dogs love to sleep and when you try to push them for a walk then you do the mistake. But as you have a Labrador then chances of being sleepy is very low because Labs are high-energy dogs. They love to do physical activities. Every dog is unique on its own So, find your dog’s uniqueness what he likes and not. This will give you an extra link to get connected with him.

3. Feed and water him

Do you know that dogs love to eat? If you can feed them the whole day then they will eat the whole day. 🙂 So, you can use it to be his best friend. Your dog will stick with you if he finds that you have food for him. Now, there is one problem. Don’t overfeed him otherwise it will lead to health issues. You need to find a balance with him. Treats are the best way to feed your Lab. You can feed him with your hand. And when you hand feed your dog then this is the best way to get connected with him.

4. Play with him

man playing with lab

As I said above that Labradors are high-energy dogs. This means they love to play. And I am damn sure that your Lab loves playing too. So, play with your dog. It will create a special bond between you. When you play with your dog then you can train him in between.

There are many awesome games you can play with your dog:

  1. Chase the Pray
  2. Hide or seek
  3. Hide the treat
  4. Fetch
  5. Tug of war
  6. Agility training

5. Show your dog some love

showing love to labrador

There is one thing that dogs love more than food, i.e. Love. Yes, they are greedy about love. And I have experienced this. Suppose there are two people, one is giving food to a new dog daily and the other is showing love to him. In the end, the dog will be more affectionate to that man who loves him daily. I am saying this because I have experienced this on an adult dog.

Let me tell you a story. Once I rented a room in a house while I was in my graduation. The house owner had a German shepherd that he used to make free at night for the guard of the house. With me, there were many other renters in that house. So, those other guys used to feed the dog so they can befriend the dog. But nothing worked.

I never feed the dog but I just did one thing different from the others, I used to daily move my hand on his head softly. I did this for just 20 days and after that, the dog never barked at me. I mean we got such good friends that we used to play together. This is the power of love. And this works on everyone, humans as well as animals. So, show your love to your Lab, and trust me you guys will be good friends very soon.

6. Be in the moment and enjoy the time

When you are with your dog enjoy the time. Don’t get stuck on your phone or laptop. Enjoy your time with him. If you enjoy your dog’s company then he will enjoy it too. So, put your work beside you and enjoy your time with him. He can be a great asset to your life. It is scientifically proven that the pet can enhance your mood and will never let you fall into depression. So, be with him and enjoy the time.

7. Go for a walk daily

man walk with labrador dog

The daily walk is very important for your Labrador. Labradors are high-energy dogs so you need to make them walk daily. And this is the best time to spend time with him and have fun. So, if you want to be his best friend then take him for a walk every evening. It will work like a magic for your relationship. But be sure that you can control your Lab because sometimes they get overly excited when they are out.

8. Never beat and get harsh with your pet

This point is the most important. You cannot get into someone’s heart by forcing it. The same get applies to the dogs. Never get harsh with your Lab. And if you beat him any day then the chances are that he will never be your friend. There are chances that he will start listening to you but not like a friend. He will follow your orders by fear, not by love. And there is a difference between trained and faithful. In that case, he can be trained but not a friend who will live for you. So, try to be friendly with your Labrador.

9. Use treats and train your Lab

training the labrador

The last best way to get friendly with your Labrador is by training him. By this, you are doing smart work. In the process of training, you are feeding him treats, loving him when he doing something good, play with him and train him with some good commands. So, you are doing many things once that makes you close to your dog. By good training, you can make him people friendly so that whenever any guest comes to your home then do not embarrass you.

If you want a good training guide that can teach you how to train your dog then this awesome helpful resource can help. Hope this article helped you. Let us know in the comments.

Suman Kumar Sahni

I am Suman and I am a crazy dog lover. Actual not dog but I love all the animals. But the cute puppies have some special corner in my heart. I have spent my entire life with dogs since I was 10 years old. So, I think I know what a dog wants from we human. It's Love. And I am trying to spread that love for dogs in this world through this website.

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