It is not difficult to become a good lab owner if you are committed to yourself to take your lab for his/her lifetime. It is not difficult to implement if you love your labrador retriever.

You can be a good lab owner if you are committed to yourself that you will take care of your lab like your life partner for their whole life, give many toys to your lab, give your lab some space, freedom, understanding your responsibility like brush their teeth, grooming and arranging quality food for them.

You can be a good labrador retriever owner by taking the below crucial steps:

1. Be Committed:

Before adopting a lab, you need to commit yourself that you will take care of your labrador for his lifetime. Usually, the life expectancy of a labrador retriever is 10 to 12 years or sometimes even more. It is like a marriage where you take care of your partner in a better or worse condition and take care of sickness when your partner needs you a lot. Like a marriage, you have to commit yourself that you will take care of your partner no matter how the situation will be. The same, you have to take care of your labrador for his overall life.

2. Be active:

lab activ

Labrador retrievers are active, and you need to take care of their physical activity to make your lab healthier. You can walk your labrador retriever daily. Just like another dog breed, a lab requires daily exercise to be healthy and happy. You can play with your labrador because they love to play with their owner. Take longer walks with your labrador a few times a week. It does not mean that the daily walk of your dog is not essential. Taking longer walks will help you be a better dog owner.

Suppose you are doing light exercise every day, but it does not mean that light exercise gives all the benefits as heavy works give. But you can not do heavy workouts on a daily basis. So you arrange the time in the way where you fix routine for heavy and light exercise separately. Just like that, you can separate the day when you will go for a long and short walk with your labrador retriever.

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3. Firm but kind:

Just like all dogs, labrador retriever requires training and discipline for a better lifestyle. A good owner never punishes his lab for a mistake. An owner who clearly indicates what is expected then rewards the correct behavior will get the best results. You can give treats for good behavior. You don’t have to make your labrador afraid because of you.

1. Give toys to your lab:

lab toy

Labrador retrievers never complain about not having toys to play with them because they are happy to play with their owner. A good lab owner makes sure that their dog has more toys to play them. You have to make sure that your labrador retriever has numerous unique toys that help your lab keep him stimulated and happy. You can buy toys for your labs like chew toyssqueaky toys, rope toysfrisbees, and tennis balls.

4. Be patient:

Calm and patience are the two most crucial components necessary for becoming a good lab owner. Some labs can be stubborn. You may have some patience to deal with your tenacious Labrador retriever. You may face some difficulties at the time of training; you may have to repeat that lesson repeatedly before your lab finally learns or gets it. But don’t worry if you have the right source to train your labrador retriever; you can teach them efficiently.

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1. Give your lab some space:

lab space

These are the necessary steps that every lab owner must do it. Your lab loves its own space. They love to have their place and period. Just like us, labrador retriever loves that thing which belongs to them. No matter what that thing is- it could be just a small mat in the corner of your living room, a cozy dog crate, or a huge dog house somewhere in the backyard. You can give anything to your lab that only belongs to them.

2. Free your lab for sometimes:

lab freedom

We humans love freedom, whether it is the freedom to travel or freedom to do something. Just like us, our pets also need freedom sometimes. It does not mean that you should free your dog for a day. Giving freedom to your labrador can be for few moments only. You can free them when you go outside. You can give freedom a few times every day where your lab realizes some freedom of their life if you let your labrador retriever out and do not join them outside. It is necessary to check them from time to time. They need care like human babies. Let them accessible but also watch out for their activity.

5. Dog-oriented:

As you know that labrador retriever are happiest with a lot of human companionship. It helps if they have an owner who likes a lot of dog companionship. You can spend quality time with your lab. You can deeper your friendship with your labrador.

6. Never hit them:

Most dog owners are making the mistake of beating his pet. Keep in mind that punishing your labrador by hitting them is not the solution. You will lose respect and love in front of your lab. They have feelings too. If they feel your love and care, then they can even feel your hate too. Treat them with love and care. Any type of animal cruelty only makes your lab afraid of you.

7. Be responsible:

How can you find a good or a lousy lab owner? A good lab owner is responsible for his dog’s behavior. If your dog’s behavior is good, you can call yourself a good labrador retriever owner.

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1. Arrange quality food for your lab:

lab food

You can arrange better food for your labrador retriever. You can find whether the food that you give to your lab meets all the necessary AAFCO health guidelines. For those who do not know about AAFCO, The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) is a voluntary membership association of local, state, and federal agencies. Our members are charged by their local, state, or federal laws to regulate the sale and distribution of animal feeds and animal drug remedies. (source)

Treat your lab to premium quality organic food on certain occasions. You have to check whether the food which you give to your lab is suitable or not. Not all breeds of dogs have the same choice. The choice of food or suitability differs from dogs to dogs. That’s why it is necessary to check before serving your labrador. You can also talk to your veterinarian if you are unsure and a little bit confuses about how much you should be feeding your labrador retriever.

2. Brush your lab’s teeth:

It is essential to brush your lab’s teeth at least once a day. It would be a good idea because it helps them fight oral diseases like yellow teeth and bad breath. Unlike these two diseases, major diseases can be developed and seriously affect your labrador’s heart, kidneys, and liver.

According to the reports of AVDS, eighty percent of dogs in the United States develop oral diseases by the time they’re three years old.

3. Practice grooming:

lab grooming

To become a good lab owner, you also need to learn to groom your labrador. Grooming your lab daily is essential. Grooming includes baths a few times a month and regular de-shedding procedures. You can learn the best grooming practice from professionals.

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