Pricing is an important factor when you think about getting a Labrador at home. And that is why you are worried here. When it comes to adopting a Labrador retriever then you have two options, either adopt it from a rescue center or buy it from a breeder.

The Labrador adoption from a rescue center costs between $50-$600 that includes vaccination and spay/neuter costs. While buying a Labrador from a breeder cost between $400-$2500. The cost of a Labrador puppy varies also due to many other factors like bloodline, health checkups, etc. While buying a Labrador puppy the cost is not the only thing that you need to worry about. While considering the puppy you also need to look for their health, their parent dogs, dog’s health, etc.

This variety in price range has its own fair reasons. There are many things that affect puppy pricing. So, while looking for a puppy you need to know these things so you don’t get cheated and take a good decision. These factors mostly affect the price while you are buying a Lab from a breeder. But if you are adopting it from a shelter then it does not matter. Because in a shelter it is mostly those dogs who are being rescued from somewhere.

If you are thinking to get a lab at your home then try to take it from a dog shelter because you are giving a dog a new home. He could have a dark past and you can help him to get over it by giving him some love. If you don’t find a Labrador there then you can look for a breeder who will provide you a puppy with fair pricing.

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Is it free to get a Labrador puppy from a shelter?

dog in shelter

No, if you get a Labrador retriever from a shelter then they will charge you some amount as a caring charge. But this caring charge will be very low comparing the price from a dog breeder puppy price. The rescue center is taking care of your dog for some time and providing them food, shelter, and medical facility. So, they need money for these all things and to run the rescue shelter. So, it is your responsibility to compensate them for their good work. if you want to adopt a dog then you can adopt one from

If you are looking for a dog for free then please adopt a street dog. They are equally faithful, smart, and can be good-looking if you take care of them properly. They look dirty because they are on the streets and not getting a proper diet. If taken care of properly then they can be a great competitor for a popular breed dog. I myself am taking care of two street dogs (Tommy and Kallu) and they are great. They look great and lovely. So, think once about a street dog, They need you. 🙂

Factors that affect the puppy price of a dog breed

There are many factors that affect puppy prices. These factors are the culprits who make the price go higher. But with high pricing, you get a healthy dog at your home. But that does not mean that if you get a cheaper priced Lab at your home then that will be unhealthy and not good looking. You can condition your dog as you want with a proper diet and proper training.

1. Bloodline and breeder’s information

labrador in water

The first factor that gives a big spike in dogs cost is their bloodline. Bloodline means how a breeder has conditioned a dog breed family with some special characteristics. Many of them are send for dog competitions. If the parent dogs are purebred show quality dogs from a reputable breeder then the price will be a little higher. They charge higher because they invest more money than a normal breeder on their dogs and puppies.

2. Mixed or purebred

When a male Labrador retriever mate with a female Labrador retriever then their child is called purebred Labrador. But when they mate with any other dog breed then their child is identified as mixed. Labradors are so easygoing that they mate with any dog breed. This is creating many lab mixes day by day like Goldador (Labrador retriever + Golden retriever), Doberdor (Labrador Retriever + Doberman Pinscher), Pitador (Labrador Retriever + Pitbull Terrier), etc. These are just three as an example, there are many coming out day by day daily and it is getting harder to keep up with them all. Mostly mixed Labradors are cheaper as compare to purebred Labs.

3. Pedigree/registration papers

The breeders charge extra if they have registered their dogs on American Kennel Club (AKC). Many breeders become a member at AKC and then they register their breeding dogs there. The Pedigree papers include much information that shows your dog’s tree history and much other information. You can read more about it on the AKC dog registration page.

4. Health screening and medical expenses

Some dog breeders take their breeding dog or puppy’s health very seriously and so they take them for screening to make them tested that the babies are healthy. Some even take their puppies to the vet for an exam, deworming, vaccines, and/or microchip implantation before selling them. These prior things led to some extra cost in the puppy fee but it makes sure that you are getting a healthy furry friend. No doubt that increases the fee higher but reduces the risk of getting an unhealthy dog.

5. The training and socialization of the dog

labrador training

Some breeders start training their dogs from start. They sell them when they are properly trained and socialized. This costs you a little extra because you are getting an already trained and socialized pet. This cost you little extra at the start but generate more saving with time. Now you do not need to spend on dog training and you are surely getting a well-mannered dog. This can save you from many shameful moments. So, consider it because it is a really good option.

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6. Breed popularity in your location

There is a rule that demand increases the price. The same happens here. If Labradors are very popular in your location and supplies are pretty low then this will lead to a price hike in Lab’s puppy price. But the opposite is also true, if your location has many breeders then this will make the puppy price come down.

7. Size

Some breeders charge their puppies as per their parent size. If the parent Labradors have a much bigger size than a normal Lab size then they will charge some extra amount for their puppies. Because there are many lab lovers who demand a big Labrador. Sometimes smaller-sized healthy Labs are also charged higher for being unique in their breed.

8. Age

Most people try to get a puppy and that increases the puppy price comparing an adult dog. That means as the dog gets older the price decreases by the time. For example, A 6-month puppy is more likely to be less expensive than a 10-week old puppy.

9. The dog’s coat color and its marketing

three colored labradors

The dog’s color is also a price deciding factor but it is a trendy type of thing. As per the color trend then the price increases or decreases. There are mainly three registered Lab colors on AKC, i.e. Black, chocolate, and Yellow. The Chocolate colored Labradors are less in numbers so if the puppy is chocolate-colored then the chances are that it will have a high price. If any Labrador puppy got some unique color then his price will be definitely higher than the normal ones.


If you are ready to adopt a Labrador from a rescue center then congratulation, you are about to do a good job. But while considering a Lab from a rescue center don’t just search for a puppy. If you are getting an old Labrador then go for it. You can help him and the old Labs are much mature. They understand their responsibility. Hope you take a good decision while choosing your best furry friend. 🙂

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