When there is a dog and children in your home living together then this question must come to mind. Can you leave them alone together? Because you can’t be always in between them. You have your own work and the other family members have their own. So, when both these creatures are in the same house then there will come some situations when they will get along. In that case, is it safe?

If your dog and your children are mature enough and are familiar with each other then you can leave them together. In fact, if they are friends then the dog will protect your child. But if your child is very naughty or your dog has an aggressive temperament then never leave them alone.

It is not recommended to leave your child with your dog alone. Because your child can poke the dog’s eyes, can pull his tails, ears or irritate him with his genital parts. In these situations, the dog can harm your child. So, try to avoid the situation as possible.

But there comes some situation when you have to leave your dog and child together. So, what you do at that time? Is there something that you can do to create a situation where they both will be safe with each other? In this blog, I will tell you the factors that you must consider before leaving your dog and child alone together. If they fulfill all the factors below then only think about leaving them alone otherwise look for a caretaker.

Factors that decide whether the dog and child can be left alone in some specific situations:

1. Dog’s Breed

dogs breed puppy

The very first thing you should look for your dog’s breed. Some dog breeds are friendly by nature and some got natural aggression. for example, if you have a Labrador retriever or a golden retriever then they are a much safer option than the German shepherd. So, if you have a friendly dog breed then only consider them leaving with your child.

I am not saying that the other dog breeds will definitely harm your child but they are not the safest options. After all, you have a wolf in the collar in your house. Here are the most friendly dog breeds in the world. So, check if your dog is on the top 10 list. If it is in the top 10 then only think about leaving them together.

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2. Dog’s Age

three colored labradors

Your dog’s age is another factor you should look for. If your dog is less than 3 years old then don’t think about leaving him with your child. Because till 3 years the dogs are in the mentally growing phase. That means they are not mature enough that they can take care of your child. Till 3 years dogs experiment with things and they keep exploring.

They have very high energy in their body so this energy can harm your child if they run faster or jumps with excitement. And if your dog is a cute puppy then your kid can harm your furry friend. So, always remember that the dog’s age should be more than 3 years old. If you don’t have any idea about your dog’s age then this blog can help you to consider your dog’s age.

3. Dog’s temperament

dogs teparament
Source: Freepik

Your dog behavior also matters. Is he too aggressive or is he very friendly? Some dogs behave friendly while they are in a normal mood but get aggressive very easily. So, gets aggressive when they see someone stranger in the house. Some dogs have the habit of jumping on their owner. So, it is only you who can decide how your dog’s behavior is. If it is not child-friendly or your dog is an aggressive animal then don’t think about leaving it with your child. Because you don’t want some scars on your baby’s face or body.

4. Your child’s behavior with dogs

uncomfortable dog with kid

This point is the most important thing to notice. It is your child who will initiate most of the time aggressive triggers. we all know that children are naughty. And when they are alone with a dog then they will try to do the same if they are not taught how to behave with them. Your child can poke into the dog’s eyes or he can start pulling his ears and tails.

Some children try to touch the dog’s genital parts. Some disturb them while the dog is sleeping. Basically, it is your child who will make your dog feel uncomfortable and in self-defense, your dog can harm your child. There have been seen many cases when a dog has attacked the children.

But whatever I said above are just some cases. There are also many children who are very friendly with their dogs. Some kids consider their dog the best friend. Some kids say that they love their dogs more than their parents. So, I don’t know your child. It is you know how he behaves with the dogs. Is he very naughty? Does he always disturb your dog? These are the questions you should ask yourself. And then think about this whether you should leave your child with your dog or not?

If there is a canine in your house then you must teach your children some basic manners which they must follow with the dogs. Below are some general behaviors that your children must know. they must know how to behave with a dog.

Tip: Make sure that your kid’s age is more than 10 years old. Never leave a child less than 10 years old with a dog alone.

Some general behaviors with dogs that your children must know:

  • Avoid bothering dogs when they are eating.
  • Avoid taking dog’s bones or toys.
  • Avoid putting your face right up to a dog’s face.
  • Avoid bothering your dog when he is resting. Let the sleeping dog lie.
  • Avoid grabbing tails and ears.
  • Avoid climbing on dog or trampling.
  • Avoid hugging your dog if he doesn’t like it.
  • Avoid screaming and shouting at the dog.
  • Be polite and kind to the dog.
  • Learn to recognize when your dog is scared or anxious.
  • Let your child train your dog so he knows the commands to handle the pet.
  • There are more your kid should about the dogs. Read them all on the RSPCA website.

5. Your child can control her with the command or not

kid training dog

Can your child control your dog with commands? If he/she can then he is much safer as compared to when he doesn’t know how to control the dog. If you have trained your dog with some basic commands like sit, stay, come, not, etc. These commands help a lot when your dog gets aggressive or over-excited.

So, if your child knows these commands then he can control the dog when required. But if don’t know how to do this then is a risky situation. so, start teaching your child that he has the power to control the dog. He must know that which commands your dog follows.

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6. Chemistry between your child and your dog

dog and kid bonding

This is the last thing to check for. And only you can decide this factor because there is no fixed parameter to decide this condition. How the bonding between your dog and your child? How much they play together? How much your dog love your child? These are the question that if you ask yourself then you can determine the chemistry between your dog and your child.

If they have a strong and lovely bond then this is good. In that situation, the chances are low that the dog will harm your child. But if they are don’t have a good bonding or they hate each other then never leave them together in one room. It could be dangerous. So, start observing your dog and child bonding and decide on your own. Use the below link to make your dog and your child the best friends.

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7. You have a pet camera set up in your house

pet camera

Now at last if you are leaving your dog and child alone in your house then make sure that you have a pet camera set up in your house. If you have a pet camera in your home then you can keep your eyes on them anytime you want to. Whenever you want to know how are they doing in the house then you can watch them on the camera. It is the best safety investment you can do when it comes to your child and the dog’s safety. Here is the best pet camera you can consider buying.


Now you have read all the points above that you should consider before you think about leaving your kid and your dog alone together. So, can you leave them alone together? Just start checking the below points and you will get your answer.

Ser. No.Point To CheckYesNo
1.Your dog’s breed is on the top 10 friendly dogs list.
2.Your dog’s age is more than 3 years old.
3.your dog has a sweet and calm nature.
4.Your child is always kind and polite with your dog.
5.Your child can control the dog by commands.
6.Your dog and child have good bonding.
7.You have a pet camera set up in your house.

If your checklist is an exact copy of the above chart (Your all points are tick to yes) then it’s a good sign. Now you can keep your dog and your child alone in the house. But remember that always try to avoid this situation. Do this if you have no other option left. But if any of the above points are in no part then I will strongly recommend you to never leave them alone in the house.

It is never recommended to keep your dog and your child alone in the house. After all, you have a wolf in a collar in your house. No doubt that this wolf is very cute and adorable but your safety is in your have. Precaution is always better than cure.

Hope this article helped you. Let us know in the comment If I was able to clarify your doubt. I always love reading comments. 🙂

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