Most dogs, including Labrador retrievers, are crazy for squeaky toys. If you have heard many things about squeaky toys, then you are not alone. Many new dog owners and old parents of dogs do not decide whether squeaky toys are suitable for their dog or not.

Squeaky toys can make your Labrador aggressive and trigger hyperactivity; if your dog swallows the squeaker, it may cause severe internal damage. Apart from this, it improves dental health, promotes exercise, strengthens bonds between pets and owners, and allows dogs to go with their instincts.

Why your Labrador crazy for squeaky toys? You may surprise to know that squeaky toy triggers their natural instinct to catch and kill which we will discuss in this blog. But one thing you need to pay attention, your dog is not interested in the squeaky toy; actually, the noise of squeaky toys, which make a sound like a squeak, triggers your dog. When your dog listens to this sound, its natural instincts trigger them to catch and kill. You will find that your Labrador often loses interest in squeaky toys once the squeak is gone. It is similar to an animal in the wild that ends up walking from a kill.

In this blog, we will try to find whether squeaky toys are safe or not in detail. You will also find the reasons in more depth why your dog loves the squeaky toy so much.

1 Squeak toys make your Labrador aggressive:

labrador aggressive

Squeaky toys may trigger aggression in your Labrador retriever. This happens because the sound mimics that of a scared or injured animal. This is prompting your Labrador to attack and this desire to catch and kill is instinctive to your Labrador in the wild, such as wolves, hyenas, and jackals. The sound of squeaking toys that sound like a squeak, squeak, and squeak can cause aggression and hyperactivity and lead to destructive behavior in your Labrador.

2 It can trigger hyperactivity:

Squeaky toys may trigger hyperactivity in your Labrador retriever. Your Labrador may become destructive toward the squeaker. Sometimes your Labrador may become destructive with other dogs, which is not good for your Labrador. As I discussed, squeaky toys can lead to aggression; they can also cause aggression towards small animals or children.

3 It increases the risk of dog ingestion part of a squeaky toy:

Your Labrador tends to swallow toys that are too small or get lodged in their throat. It can lead to choking. Whenever your Labrador is playing with a squeaky toy, as a responsible owner, you must supervise them. If your Labrador has eaten the stuffing, squeak plastic, and other material used to make squeaky toys can be toxic. You must think, what will happen if the squeaky toy material left inside your Labrador? The answer is quite horrible. A toy left inside your Labrador could damage the digestive tract and the small and large intestines. This can lead to peritonitis, which is known as abdominal infection, sepsis, known as blood infection, and possibly death. If you find an indestructible squeaky toy that does not tear up easily can help to prevent the swallowing issue.

Reason why your Labrador love squeaky toys:

You must want to know at this point but why your Labrador love squeaks toys. There are plenty of reasons why your Labrador loves squeaky toys. Let’s find each reason in detail.

1. Natural instincts of your Labrador:

natural imstincts

The squeaking sound may be annoying to most of us. As humans, we hate this sound. But for your Labrador or other breeds of dogs, it resembles the sound of a scared or injured animal, which activates their hunting instinct. Most dogs, including Labrador, won’t stop playing with their squeaky toy until the squeaky mechanism is broken. After broke their squeaking mechanism, your Labrador feels that they have killed their prey.

In other words, it is believed that the high-pitched noise a squeaky toy emits triggers most dog’s prey drive. The sound of squeaky from squeaky toy seeds a hunting Labrador into overdrive, and most won’t stop until they have captured their prey. When your Labrador tearing up a toy is your Labrador’s way of re-enacting them.

2. Instant stimulation and reward:

According to Kimberly Alt from the Canine Journal, the sounds of squeaky toys give your Labrador instant feedback that’s why your Labrador becomes so active and excited, and their bite becomes strong and effective. Instant stimulation keeps your Labrador to continue playing and satisfied by their progress. And your Labrador won’t stop until they tear up the mechanism of squeaky toys.

Benefits of Squeaky toys:

Unlike many cons, there is the positive side of squeaky toys too. It helps in many ways of your Labrador. Squeaky toys help improve the dental health of your Labrador and help your pet keep healthy like it promotes exercise.

1. Improves dental health of your Labrador:

dental health lab

But the question arises here, how your Labrador improve dental health by just chewing squeaky toys? The answer is pretty simple. Your Labrador is chewing on squeaky toys because of their natural urge. It can help to improve the Labrador’s tooth and gum health. Squeaky toys not only satisfy your Labrador’s desire to chew but also make their mouth feels better by massaging the gums and scraping the teeth, according to WebMD. You can try indestructible Kong toys for your Labrador. Kong toys are available for all types of chewers.

If your Labrador is active chewers, they are less likely to buildup plaque.

2. Improve other aspects of your Labrador:

benefits of lab

If your Labrador is playing with a squeaky toy, it also improves the other side of your Labrador. Playing with squeaky toy promotes exercise, strengthens bonds between pets and owners, and allows a dog to go with their instincts. If your Labrador barking, howling, chasing prey, biting, too much, you can give your Labrador a squeaky toy to avoid this bad behavior.

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Should you give squeaky toy to your Labrador?

You already know the pros and cons of squeaky toys, and maybe you are a little bit confused because of two opposite aspects. The chances are you have not decided yet whether you should give squeaky toys to your Labrador or not. The answer is not quite simple as it looks. According to Dr. Ochoa says, squeaky toys are perfectly fine for your dogs, including Labrador, as long as they do not eat the stuffing. They said that “If your dog goes try to eat the stuffing, this can get stuck in their intestines and cause a major problem as you have already read it previously.” They also pointed that if your dog is heavy chewers, you should buy a really good tough toy like Kong toys for aggressive chewers, which your dog can not easily tear up.

But if your dog doesn’t display signs of aggression or stress when playing with a squeaky toy. You may allow your Labrador to have fun with it. According to Dr. Ochoa, allowing your dog to play with squeaky toys also help to keep them healthy as their natural instincts act which mother nature gives. By hunting squeaky toys, your Labrador releases pent-up energy as well as explores its wild side.

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When you should give your Labrador squeaky toys:

You should keep few important points which describe below in your mind before buying any squeaky toys. It will help you in the long term and also help your Labrador to keep from any unfortunate.

1. Avoid the below points while buying and giving squeaky toys :

  • It would help if you avoided the toy, which has the plastic squeaker floats around loosely. It may choke hazard for your Labrador if they succeed in its quest for a squeaker.
  • If you use an inexpensive squeaker toy for your Labrador, the chances are the noisemaker could be swallow by your Labrador.
  • Plastic pieces involved in squeaky toys are not suitable for your Labrador. We strongly recommend discarding that toy once your Lab removed from a toy.
  • Try to supervise your Labrador when playing with squeaky toys to ensure they don’t eat or swallow the squeaker. Also, ensure any parts of the toy not destroyed.

2. Follow the below before buying and giving Squeaky toys:

  • Monitor your Labrador when playing with these toys.
  • Stick with toys that tout a durable squeaker.
  • Stick with toys that tout a durable squeaker, or choose a more durable toy altogether.

Best squeaky toys for your Labrador:

best toy for squeak toy

There is a wide range of squeaky dog toys available in the online and offline market. Squeaky dog toys come in endless shapes, sizes, and textures. We have selected two squeaky toys from the Kong company. If you don’t know about Kong toys, they are indestructible in nature and also best for your naughty companion.

1. KONG SqueakAir Balls:

KONG SqueakAir Balls
  • Fetch toy for healthy; active play
  • Non-abrasive KONG Tennis material; softer on teeth
  • Durable, high-quality Squeak air® Tennis Ball will not wear down your dog’s teeth.
  • Squeaker entices play
  • Buy now: Click here

2. KONG Wubba Friend:

KONG Wubba Friend 1
  • Covered in soft; plush material
  • Perfect for interactive games of tug and fetch
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor use
  • Squeak for added enjoyment
  • Not meant to be used for chew sessions
  • Buy now: Click here

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