There are many games available for your Labrador. But some games can be dangerous to play with your Labrador, and you should avoid playing with your pet. Some games directly impact your Labrador’s brain. Some games can create a sense of competition in the mind of Labrador that can cause disobedience. Some games can lead to some injury to the owner. Some games can encourage your Labrador to bite. You should avoid playing these types of games with your dog.

You should avoid four types of games to play with your Labrador, chasing games, games that encourage biting, wrestling, and tug-of-war. You can play games like fetch, Frisbee, swimming, hiking with your Labrador instead of this.

In this blog, we will discuss four types of games you should avoid playing with your Labrador. These four types of games can ruin your bond between you and your Labrador. Not all four games can be completely avoided to play with your Lab. But before playing these types of games, we suggest you read the full blog.

1. Chasing games:

chasing game

First of all, let me tell you what is chasing game: Chasing game comes to the picture when you run, and your Labrador chases you. Chasing your Labrador is one of the most dangerous games you will ever do to your Labrador. Why chasing your Labrador is considered to be dangerous? The reason is that you are setting your Labrador up to learn that when he is running and you run behind hi and it is a game. It is important to note that all dogs mostly learn from games. You should assure before playing any games with your Labrador. You must ask yourself or confirm with experts whether that game is safe to play with your Labrador or not.

Chase game has two sides: one, when you say your Labrador come, then come and then you give them a treat and play with you. This side is entirely natural because this is the way mother nature created the dog. Labrador’s or any other dog breed tends to chase things, and it is preprogrammed by mother nature. It is wired into their DNA because when Labrador chases something they catch, they kill it and eat. And when you teach your Labrador to chase you, it is considered a natural process. This is a simple and perfect design created by mother nature for your dog.

The problem starts when you choose the other side of the chasing the game. When you choose to chase your Labrador in the game. Suppose you chase your Labrador; you are actually risking their life by teaching this because when you chase your Labrador, you are making your Labrador more likely to run away even when you approach her for another reason. Chasing your Labrador can also ruin your dog’s recall. It becomes more dangerous when your Labrador can also lead to injury if your Labrador charges away from you into the street or other unsafe area; it is because your Labrador is quicker than you, you can lose control of your Labrador anytime if they maintain their speed.

According to Dr. Karen B. London and some other experts, you should avoid chasing your Labrador. They believe that unless you have a very well-trained Labrador in the recall. Dr. Karen B. London says, ” If you play by chasing your dog, you risk their life by teaching them that moving towards means the game is afoot, making your dog likely to run away even when you approach them for another reason.” They also pointed out that we have already discussed previously that chasing your Labrador or any other dog breed can lead to injury if they charge into the street or other unsafe areas. Chasing your Labrador is only allowed when your Labrador is so well trained that you can stop and successfully call them back to you at any time. As you read previously, chasing your Labrador can ruin your dog’s recall; if your Lab is not so well trained if any unfortunate happens when you chase your Labrador can lead to them injury.

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2. Avoid games that encourage biting:

labrador biting

It would help if you also avoided games that lead to encourage the biting of your Labrador. You should avoid rough play like wrestling or a tug-of-war game or any games that can help tease your Labrador; we will discuss more wrestling, rough play, or tug of war, whether you should avoid these games with your Labrador or not in the next point. It would help if you avoided any games which can encourage your Labrador to attack any part of your body.

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3. Wrestling games:

wrestle lab

The way you play with your Labrador wrestling games can make you into trouble even if you and your Labrador are nice to each other. But the question arises here why are wrestling games not good for you and your Labrador? The answer is quite simple, the play styles used in wrestle are used in severe fights and predation. Rough play is not okay between you and your Labrador; it can create a real danger for you. But rough play like wrestling is typically fine if your Labrador plays these types of games with other dogs. Serious bite could happen even if your Labrador has never bitten before; if you play wrestling games with your Lab, they may use the dangerous weapon accidentally i.e, their teeth.

There are some trainers out there who say, ” you should never be allowed your Labrador to wrestle,” since your Labrador may end up being aggressive and wrestling with an elderly person or a small child. It can lead to some trouble for them, and that is wrong.

According to Michael Baugh, a Houston-based dog trainer and certified behavior consultant say, “If you play-wrestle with your Labrador or any other dog, you are actually showing your Lab that rough or physical interaction is acceptable.” It sometimes depends on your Labrador how they understand this game. Some handle this well and understand it’s a game that only happens when you initiate it. But most of the time, they may overexcite. If your Labrador does not take this game as a game, your Labrador may try:

  • Jump on you
  • Knock you down
  • or even bite you or other people at unpredictable times.

You should avoid wrestling games with your Labrador if your Lab gets too activated or doesn’t understand playtime boundaries.

4. Tug-of-war:

choose tug toys

All of the above games can encourage your Labrador to display dominant behavior, which is inappropriate when your Labrador interacts with people. When it comes to Tug-of-war games, it can be debatable whether you should play this game with your Lab or not. According to AKC, Tug-of-war games don’t help dogs to become aggressive; they also stated that “there was a time tug games were thought to cause aggression and dominance in dogs.” They say if any unfortunate happens to a dog owner like their Labrador snap owner’s hand while playing, it may be because the owner did not effectively set boundaries and teach their dog the rules of the game.

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Now, the question arises at this point whether you should play tug-of-war games with your Labrador or not? The answer to this question depends on several factors. When owners choose to play tug-of-war games with their Labrador, they create a sense of competition in their dog’s minds. Keep in mind that vigorous play with your Labrador can be dangerous for the front and side teeth. You should also be careful when playing; your Labrador may become aggressive and have bitten you in a bid to gain control over the tug rope.

Sometimes, your Labrador feels that they have won the game when you surrender control of the rope to your dog. Your Labrador may develop the tendency to begin challenging the owner’s authority. Not only this, if you play these games, it may result in disobedience, or sometimes the owner may also face injury. There are many dog toys you should avoid for your Labrador, and you may be surprised to know that tug ropes is one of the toys you should avoid playing with your Labrador. Some tug ropes are made of material that splinters off and becomes lodged in the dog’s mouth. It could be worse for your Labrador if they swallowed. It can cause internal damages to your Lab.

In other words, you may avoid playing these games with your Labrador if your Labrador is not so well trained and you are not assured what will impact your dog. You can play alternative games like fetch, Frisbee, swimming, hiking related to tug-of-war, and play with your Labrador.

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